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Who Are These People?

October 1, 2013


Have you ever noticed on I Tunes or Amazon regardless of how shitty and album or movie is, there is always some jack hole who claims “this is the greatest thing ever”? These people throw out five-star ratings and the word classic like Miley Cyrus doles out crabs!

Today, I noticed the Will Smith shit bucket that is After Earth came out. I have not seen the movie, so I will take 9/10 other people’s opinions that the movie is awful…but…as always some douchebag who has only seen one movie in his/her life shouts to the hilltops “This movie is awesome!!” These bastards then put like nineteen exclamation points and have a sign on name like DROPPEDONHEAD. I suppose these people are Amish and this may have been the first movie they ever saw and the impact was life affirming. The same logic goes for music and this ALWAYS offends me. Some people will honestly type that the new Drake album changed their life and that his latest turd bucket deserves the praise of Dylan going electric…gimme a break. If you think  an auto-tune Canadian rapper who use to be on SOAP network can make a song that equals the Beatles/Cash/Tupac/Beastie Boys  my friends, you’re lost already. I can’t save your stupidity if you really think that the Twilight series rivals the Godfather. If you think that Jason Aldean has really made the finest album ever in country music history, then we could not even hold a conversation. Do me a favor, go out and use that 20 bucks you were gonna waste on the new Nelly album and purchase some GD perspective! Don’t be so quick to crown anything as the best unless you have actually watched a ton of movies or listened to a ton of music. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you make reckless claims then expect folks to ignore you;)

So do me a favor and keep your nonsense reviews off the damn internet unless you’re getting paid to put your name next to shit. I can at least respect a hustler, what I can’t abide is absurd shit…That is The Word!

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