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Who Are These People?


Have you ever noticed on I Tunes or Amazon regardless of how shitty and album or movie is, there is always some jack hole who claims “this is the greatest thing ever”? These people throw out five-star ratings and the word classic like Miley Cyrus doles out crabs!

Today, I noticed the Will Smith shit bucket that is After Earth came out. I have not seen the movie, so I will take 9/10 other people’s opinions that the movie is awful…but…as always some douchebag who has only seen one movie in his/her life shouts to the hilltops “This movie is awesome!!” These bastards then put like nineteen exclamation points and have a sign on name like DROPPEDONHEAD. I suppose these people are Amish and this may have been the first movie they ever saw and the impact was life affirming. The same logic goes for music and this ALWAYS offends me. Some people will honestly type that the new Drake album changed their life and that his latest turd bucket deserves the praise of Dylan going electric…gimme a break. If you think  an auto-tune Canadian rapper who use to be on SOAP network can make a song that equals the Beatles/Cash/Tupac/Beastie Boys  my friends, you’re lost already. I can’t save your stupidity if you really think that the Twilight series rivals the Godfather. If you think that Jason Aldean has really made the finest album ever in country music history, then we could not even hold a conversation. Do me a favor, go out and use that 20 bucks you were gonna waste on the new Nelly album and purchase some GD perspective! Don’t be so quick to crown anything as the best unless you have actually watched a ton of movies or listened to a ton of music. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you make reckless claims then expect folks to ignore you;)

So do me a favor and keep your nonsense reviews off the damn internet unless you’re getting paid to put your name next to shit. I can at least respect a hustler, what I can’t abide is absurd shit…That is The Word!

So Long Walt:(



So last night was a bittersweet moment in TV history. By now you already know TV land lost Walter White. Breaking Bad was a great show and the character of Walter White will live in the memories of fans for years to come…the finale was awesome as well. As the show ended I thought to myself what song would I have played for Walt as he died? What song could represent Breaking Bad’s final send off? One song instantly jumped into my head and the song was Johnny Cash’s “The Beast In Me”.  I will argue that Johnny Cash maybe the greatest American artist of all time rivaled by only Dylan or Springsteen but that’s a debate for another night. So I toast the show tonight and I will knock one back for Walt! Walt, this song is for you!

What song would you pick for Walt’s last ride?


My favorite scene from Breaking Bad.


What You Snacking On?



Happy Saturday! With football only 21 days away, the smell of hot cheerleaders and  the old pigskin is in the air down South. The Bama fans are dusting off their ceramic Bear Bryant statute that holds the baby Jesus as we speak. The Penn State fans can finally remove their hemroid ass pillows from their Buick LeSabres and Texas A&M fans can invite Johnny football to their next group orgy via Foursquare. MAN I Love this time of year! The only thing better than football is the food/snacks that accompany the game itself. The beer flows like a golden river and the hot wings line the roads to glory with each and every step. I can almost taste the nacho cheese mixed with ground sirloin and salsa.

So to enhance your game days, I have found some new snacks that I think will add that much-needed degree of class to the party. These snacks may or may not be new, they’re probably just new to me. I tend to try to avoid the shameful delicious snacks, so I can keep my body in “Tatum Mode” at all times BUT I have been known to slip pretty much daily. So please read and comment, I would love some suggestions. Good luck to your teams this year and lets play some football.

  1. Pringles – Xtra Tangy Buffalo Wing Chips…for me these are like crack. The BWW taste is spot on.
  2. Mountain Dew Kickstarts – These have been out for a minute but when you couple the orange drink with a solid vodka…the shit is fantastic.
  3. Publix Peach Cobbler Ice Cram – You can’t be country and not like a cobbler ice cream. I am sure there is a shitty Luke Bryan song in there somewhere….”She’s as sweet a Peach” In country music it’s important to have songs that can be about food or sex at any given moment;)
  4. The classic Big League Chew (Sour Apple )granted this an oldie but goodie but you do look more manly with a gum pouch in your back pocket.
  5. Snyders- BWW pretzel bits – flat-out tasty.
  6. Your Pick?


Scary Movies You Ever Notice?

Most of you probably know that each October AMC goes on the rampage by playing tons of old horror movies. You name it they play all the Jason’s, Halloween’s, Nightmare on Elm Streets, and Scream movies. I have been watching shitty scary movies for longer than I can remember and each year like a fool, I get sucked in. So I will ask the scary movie fans this evening have you ever noticed ? These are also dead give-aways that some character is about to get a titty hacked off or catch a chainsaw to the face;)

  1. Have you ever noticed that every girl always wants to go swimming/skinny dipping? I mean who the hell are these women? I have never just been camping and had 6 women beg me to go for a swim.
  2. Have you ever noticed that every girl wore HUGE white panties and was packing a roll of Charmin Tissue in the front of them…lol.
  3. Have you ever noticed all the dudes names always have 4 letters? Jeff, Mark, Rick, Mike, and Joey always get killed last.
  4. The music all sounds like porn music, even the Halloween music kinda gets down.
  5. Have you ever noticed that the women always just stand there and scream their asses off, even when people are dying right in front of them?
  6. Have you ever noticed all scary movies are completely void of any technology? You name it there is no phone, car, 8-track, lighthouse, flashlights or firearms.
  7. Have you ever noticed people run by weapons all the time and never pick them up? See that pick axe? That is a slightly more effective killing tool than a globe.
  8. Have you ever noticed when someone goes outside for any reason, they are about to die? Checking the mail = dead bitch, Dude pissing = dead SOB
  9. Have you ever noticed that the fat guy always gets it first? If you happen to be the token black friend…goodbye sweet Homecoming King.
  10. Have you ever noticed the killers always move slow as hell? I mean some of them could use the Hurry-Cane!
  11. Have you ever noticed the killers never have to take a break to piss or grab a sandwich?
  12. Have you ever noticed that Michael Jackson looked like Michael Myers by the end of his life?
  13. Have you ever noticed if you have sex, you will be dead within 6 minutes?

Anyways these are just a few of the tips/tendencies you can have fun looking for this FearFest season…That is The Word!

Despair-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O is one of the most dynamic women in Rock N Roll today. I must say, I was let down by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album Mosquito because it just was not up to par with the band’s previous efforts. Mosquito has moments of brilliance amidst the scattered ideas and broken lyrics. One of those great moments is the song “Despair” and it’s by far the best song on Mosquito. “Despair” is that I-Tunes track that you have to buy even if you decide to skip the album because it will stand the test of time. YYY will be playing this song as a staple in the set list night after night, I am sure for years to come. So this post is a couple of months late but I re-visited the track today and said to myself, that I had to pass this one along. I give a tip of the hat to Karen O on this one, and the video is maybe the best I have seen all year. YYY got exclusive access to the Empire State Building and the song really does not need more than a live performance from a top NYC;)


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