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So Long Walt:(

September 30, 2013



So last night was a bittersweet moment in TV history. By now you already know TV land lost Walter White. Breaking Bad was a great show and the character of Walter White will live in the memories of fans for years to come…the finale was awesome as well. As the show ended I thought to myself what song would I have played for Walt as he died? What song could represent Breaking Bad’s final send off? One song instantly jumped into my head and the song was Johnny Cash’s “The Beast In Me”.  I will argue that Johnny Cash maybe the greatest American artist of all time rivaled by only Dylan or Springsteen but that’s a debate for another night. So I toast the show tonight and I will knock one back for Walt! Walt, this song is for you!

What song would you pick for Walt’s last ride?


My favorite scene from Breaking Bad.


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