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Despair-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

July 30, 2013

Karen O is one of the most dynamic women in Rock N Roll today. I must say, I was let down by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest album Mosquito because it just was not up to par with the band’s previous efforts. Mosquito has moments of brilliance amidst the scattered ideas and broken lyrics. One of those great moments is the song “Despair” and it’s by far the best song on Mosquito. “Despair” is that I-Tunes track that you have to buy even if you decide to skip the album because it will stand the test of time. YYY will be playing this song as a staple in the set list night after night, I am sure for years to come. So this post is a couple of months late but I re-visited the track today and said to myself, that I had to pass this one along. I give a tip of the hat to Karen O on this one, and the video is maybe the best I have seen all year. YYY got exclusive access to the Empire State Building and the song really does not need more than a live performance from a top NYC;)


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