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What You Snacking On?

August 10, 2013



Happy Saturday! With football only 21 days away, the smell of hot cheerleaders and  the old pigskin is in the air down South. The Bama fans are dusting off their ceramic Bear Bryant statute that holds the baby Jesus as we speak. The Penn State fans can finally remove their hemroid ass pillows from their Buick LeSabres and Texas A&M fans can invite Johnny football to their next group orgy via Foursquare. MAN I Love this time of year! The only thing better than football is the food/snacks that accompany the game itself. The beer flows like a golden river and the hot wings line the roads to glory with each and every step. I can almost taste the nacho cheese mixed with ground sirloin and salsa.

So to enhance your game days, I have found some new snacks that I think will add that much-needed degree of class to the party. These snacks may or may not be new, they’re probably just new to me. I tend to try to avoid the shameful delicious snacks, so I can keep my body in “Tatum Mode” at all times BUT I have been known to slip pretty much daily. So please read and comment, I would love some suggestions. Good luck to your teams this year and lets play some football.

  1. Pringles – Xtra Tangy Buffalo Wing Chips…for me these are like crack. The BWW taste is spot on.
  2. Mountain Dew Kickstarts – These have been out for a minute but when you couple the orange drink with a solid vodka…the shit is fantastic.
  3. Publix Peach Cobbler Ice Cram – You can’t be country and not like a cobbler ice cream. I am sure there is a shitty Luke Bryan song in there somewhere….”She’s as sweet a Peach” In country music it’s important to have songs that can be about food or sex at any given moment;)
  4. The classic Big League Chew (Sour Apple )granted this an oldie but goodie but you do look more manly with a gum pouch in your back pocket.
  5. Snyders- BWW pretzel bits – flat-out tasty.
  6. Your Pick?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    i dont watch football but a low calorie tasty treat… popcornballs… 100 calorie pack of popcorn mixed with melted marchmellows… rolled into balls… a little salt… sweet and salty.. fast and easy… like me lol jk good snack though

  2. I’ve cut out potato chips for the most part but I have been wanting to try these Lays Maple Moose Chips that they are selling in Canada. Only because I like the sweet and salty. That and nachos with cheese on the side. And a steak on top!

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