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Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s


You ever wonder what happened to some of those actors careers after the  mid 90’s ? I mean some of these poor bastards just went from borderline superstars to acting in the Lifetime channels rendition of Willow. One of the weird things about Netflix and Direct TV is that some of the oldest movies are still being listed in the new releases…go figure. Much like the music industry some stars just seem to fade away and we are only left with the lone Jagged Little Pill memories of better days left behind.

So tonight The Word pays tribute to those actors, who once upon a time actually had a hit movie in the local mall Cineplex. If you cannot remember any of these actors, chances are you’re under the age of fifteen and still think that Willow Smith actually makes catchy tunes. Let me assure you, these men and women not only had it going on at one time or another….thanks for the memories amigos. If I happen to catch the actors working at the local Waffle House , but them an All star breakfast on me!

Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s

  1. Patrick Swayze…few did it better than Bodhi/Johnny/Dalton.
  2. Kevin Costner…I mean these SOB was in Field Of Dreams and Bull Durham and now he is reduced to a 3 min scene in a Superman remake and basically gets the Twister flying cow treatment…shameful
  3. Emilo Estevez…can anyone even name a cameo appearance in the last ten years? If you told me Billy The Kid would be an unknown after 1998, I would not have believed you.
  4. Kim Basinger…this chick made many a young boy into a young man;)
  5. JCVD…the Universal Soldier super-kicked a way into my heart
  6. Steven Segall…I mean Mason Storm use to not be a fat-ass mess.
  7. Elizabeth Shue
  8. Nick Cage…he has had maybe the greatest fall from grace on the entire list. Raising Arizona, please Netflix that shit 2night.
  9. Ralph Macchio…Stay Golden PonyBoy!
  10. Tom Selleck


My Guilty Favorite Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s

  1. Pauly Shore…come on Encino Man is a classic
  2. Jim Varney…who did not like Ernest?
  3. Chuck Norris…I will still watch Delta Force and practice rigging missiles to my dirt bike from time to time.
  4. That actor from Summer School Marc Harmon
  5. Andrew McCarthy…Weekend At Bernie’s!
  6. Tong Poe…If you know, you know;)
  7. your pick?
  8. Matthew Brodrick…Save Ferris
  9. Val Killmer…I mean fucking Ice Man deserved better than MacGruber
  10. The midget from Willow/Leprechaun

Best Shark/Animal Movie Of All Time


Happy Friday! So I broke down and watched the soon to be cult classic SyFy Orginal movie Sharknado, and I gotta say, I have seen worse…lol. By now all of you have heard about Sharknado and some of the ridiculous shit that takes place in this D-movie hit. Sharknado provides flying sharks, Steve(90210), bad accents, chain saws, explosions, Tara(crackhead) Reid, and the worse script this side of Transformers 2. You really just have to see it for yourself, it’s one of those movies that is SO bad, you will kinda like it, or maybe you will just feel bad for it. Sharknado for all its glorious bullshit is sadly, not the best shark movie of all time. So tonight I present The Word’s Top 10 list of the best shark movies of all time! As an added bonus we will be including movies with all manner of critters found in the wild, so yes Anaconda and Lake Placid would count. Don’t be so damn lazy and leave me a comment and let me know your favorite;)


TOP 10 Shark/Animal Movies of All Time

  1. JAWS ( Hands down…no debate)
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Orca…underrated B-Movie classic
  4. Lion King…I can’t believe I even put it on the list;(
  5. JAWS 2…not as good as the first but the Chief did kill Jaws with a power line and some killer boat shoes!
  6. Anaconda…Fly Girl J-Lo and special needs Coach Killmer, what could be better?
  7. Deep Blue Sea…Sam Jackson alone was epic!
  8. The Grey
  9. Cujo…this damn dog was just angry all the time
  10. Snakes On a Plane…mf snakes on this mf plane
  11. your pick?


TOP 8 WORST Animal Movies of All Time

  1. JAWS 3…check out this 3-D turd and thank your stars for the better days we live in now
  2. Free Willy…I even hated this shit as a kid but I did like the MJ song…lol
  3. Free Willy 2…guilty by association
  4. JAWS 4…they just did not know when to stop beating this dead dawg.
  5. Sharknado
  6. Turner and Hooch…yes, Tom Hanks has sucked before
  7. your pick?
  8. That Planet Of The Apes with Marky Mark…awful




On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

rolling stone

I am a long time reader and subscriber of the Rolling Stone magazine, and will continue to be in the future. I do, however, have an issue with putting the Boston bomber on the cover of the Rolling Stone. This “kid” committed a heinous act against the people of Boston and does not deserve the attention that RS dedicated to him. I for one, do not really care about his background or the fact that he came from a good family and just pulled a 180 on the day of the Boston Marathon. The fact the RS puts a Justin Bieber Glamour Shot of this prick on the cover is insulting to the good people of Boston and all Americans. This dude symbolizes what a coward is and how one’s actions in life can cause a huge ripple effect on the lives of others.

RS should be dedicated to people who are in the entertainment industry and that to me is as far as it should go. We all know that the Rolling Stone magazine has always been on the liberal side of the house, and I am ok with that because they are more than consistent. They should also consistently put people on the cover that are in the entertainment industry. As a paying customer, if I wanted to see this shithead I would pay to get Newsweek or Time magazine. You don’t see Playboy magazine putting pictures of a two gay men wearing cock socks on their cover. The reason you don’t see that is because, Playboy knows their role and tries to respect what their subscribers pay for. Businesses need to keep in mind, especially if you have been in business for a long time, that some change can be bad. You need to know when to stuck with what you do best! RS should stick to their semi-regular schedule of putting talentless ass clowns on the cover, that do not stand a chance of hell in being relevant in the music industry for years to come;) Hell Yes! Give the cover to Justin Beiber, I am sure “The Biebs” and his new eyeball tat will be revered for years to come…at lest I would be expecting that!

 I don’t think even the most liberal person could find any redeeming factors in a man who killed innocent people and crippled countless others. This bastard did not even have the balls to strap the bomb to himself and pull the pin, he pussed out on that front. I am so glad that this guy was caught and I hope that he is never revered in any way. This guy is not a hero or even a martyr, he is a dickless prick that deserves to butt raped everyday of the week and twice on Sundays…That Is The Word!

The Arm Job

squirrel man

Hey wuz up toothless Jim!!!

You ever notice some people down South love to make arm gestures outta their driver’s side windows? This is typically a weird motion that attempts to molest the air or caress the air if you’re a glass half full kinda person, while the vehicle is in motion. The majestic arm job motion only occurs in trucks or in cars that are no longer made…think of a Pontiac Bonneville with duct tape tail lights! When you pass these creatures of the day, prepare to be fooled. You may think that these people are trying to warn you of impending danger ahead on the road. You may ponder for a moment that the poor soul in the truck is on fire and they’re attempting to put out the flame. You may even fear that the driver has unleashed a fart from the pits of hell and they too have been consumed by its fury.
You would be wrong!
These folks are just living in a dream world, pretending that they are a bird, like the whore Jenny from Forrest Gump. They fantasize that their arms are mighty sails on a pirate ship full of rum and Mountain Dew. In any case, these people get on my damn nerves. Please attempt to act and drive like a normal person and not a freak who has kite arms. I cannot stand when these slow driving rednecks have nothing better to do than listen to Kid Rock going 22 mph, while giving the imaginary air man a hand job. Keep your arms, ass, fake leg, mullet wig, and shit kicker hat in your hoopty at all times. This message has been brought to you by the concerned shit-head that pays attention to these things:) That Is The Word!!!

Magic City

Magic City

Do know who Billy Swan is? Well, he is not a d-list porn actor that was back dooring Farrah the Teen Mom…lol. This dude was a soul singer from the 1970’s and I recently heard his version of “Don’t Be Cruel” on the show Magic City. Magic City is a show that basically melts the violence of The Sopranos with the style of Mad Men. This show has classic American cars and some straight up sexy ladies. Magic City just entered its second season on Starz and the show seems to be picking up fans all over. I really like the show, it’s well written and is high stylized in every regard. So I will make this post short and sweet, if you have no plans and need a good new show check out Magic City. I also never thought that an Elvis song could sound like a “ride out” song that I would hear on the movie Heat or Miami Vice…until now….Gracis Billy Swan.


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