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Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s

July 22, 2013


You ever wonder what happened to some of those actors careers after the  mid 90’s ? I mean some of these poor bastards just went from borderline superstars to acting in the Lifetime channels rendition of Willow. One of the weird things about Netflix and Direct TV is that some of the oldest movies are still being listed in the new releases…go figure. Much like the music industry some stars just seem to fade away and we are only left with the lone Jagged Little Pill memories of better days left behind.

So tonight The Word pays tribute to those actors, who once upon a time actually had a hit movie in the local mall Cineplex. If you cannot remember any of these actors, chances are you’re under the age of fifteen and still think that Willow Smith actually makes catchy tunes. Let me assure you, these men and women not only had it going on at one time or another….thanks for the memories amigos. If I happen to catch the actors working at the local Waffle House , but them an All star breakfast on me!

Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s

  1. Patrick Swayze…few did it better than Bodhi/Johnny/Dalton.
  2. Kevin Costner…I mean these SOB was in Field Of Dreams and Bull Durham and now he is reduced to a 3 min scene in a Superman remake and basically gets the Twister flying cow treatment…shameful
  3. Emilo Estevez…can anyone even name a cameo appearance in the last ten years? If you told me Billy The Kid would be an unknown after 1998, I would not have believed you.
  4. Kim Basinger…this chick made many a young boy into a young man;)
  5. JCVD…the Universal Soldier super-kicked a way into my heart
  6. Steven Segall…I mean Mason Storm use to not be a fat-ass mess.
  7. Elizabeth Shue
  8. Nick Cage…he has had maybe the greatest fall from grace on the entire list. Raising Arizona, please Netflix that shit 2night.
  9. Ralph Macchio…Stay Golden PonyBoy!
  10. Tom Selleck


My Guilty Favorite Best Forgotten Actors of The 80s and 90’s

  1. Pauly Shore…come on Encino Man is a classic
  2. Jim Varney…who did not like Ernest?
  3. Chuck Norris…I will still watch Delta Force and practice rigging missiles to my dirt bike from time to time.
  4. That actor from Summer School Marc Harmon
  5. Andrew McCarthy…Weekend At Bernie’s!
  6. Tong Poe…If you know, you know;)
  7. your pick?
  8. Matthew Brodrick…Save Ferris
  9. Val Killmer…I mean fucking Ice Man deserved better than MacGruber
  10. The midget from Willow/Leprechaun

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  1. Here’s one for you: Jan Michael Vincent. Ring a bell? Stringfellow Hawke from “Airwolf”?

    Geez, I just seriously dated myself……

    • what about Don Johnson…lol. He plays Kenny Power’s dad on Eastbound and Down and my wife did not even know who the hell he was…made me sad;)

      • Don Johnson’s white skinny tie on bright pink has really burned into my memory.

        Gee…we are old, Mike. :S

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