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Best Shark/Animal Movie Of All Time

July 19, 2013


Happy Friday! So I broke down and watched the soon to be cult classic SyFy Orginal movie Sharknado, and I gotta say, I have seen worse…lol. By now all of you have heard about Sharknado and some of the ridiculous shit that takes place in this D-movie hit. Sharknado provides flying sharks, Steve(90210), bad accents, chain saws, explosions, Tara(crackhead) Reid, and the worse script this side of Transformers 2. You really just have to see it for yourself, it’s one of those movies that is SO bad, you will kinda like it, or maybe you will just feel bad for it. Sharknado for all its glorious bullshit is sadly, not the best shark movie of all time. So tonight I present The Word’s Top 10 list of the best shark movies of all time! As an added bonus we will be including movies with all manner of critters found in the wild, so yes Anaconda and Lake Placid would count. Don’t be so damn lazy and leave me a comment and let me know your favorite;)


TOP 10 Shark/Animal Movies of All Time

  1. JAWS ( Hands down…no debate)
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Orca…underrated B-Movie classic
  4. Lion King…I can’t believe I even put it on the list;(
  5. JAWS 2…not as good as the first but the Chief did kill Jaws with a power line and some killer boat shoes!
  6. Anaconda…Fly Girl J-Lo and special needs Coach Killmer, what could be better?
  7. Deep Blue Sea…Sam Jackson alone was epic!
  8. The Grey
  9. Cujo…this damn dog was just angry all the time
  10. Snakes On a Plane…mf snakes on this mf plane
  11. your pick?


TOP 8 WORST Animal Movies of All Time

  1. JAWS 3…check out this 3-D turd and thank your stars for the better days we live in now
  2. Free Willy…I even hated this shit as a kid but I did like the MJ song…lol
  3. Free Willy 2…guilty by association
  4. JAWS 4…they just did not know when to stop beating this dead dawg.
  5. Sharknado
  6. Turner and Hooch…yes, Tom Hanks has sucked before
  7. your pick?
  8. That Planet Of The Apes with Marky Mark…awful





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  1. I think Babe is one of the best animal movies ever … and the sequel is almost as good! And let’s not forget Planet Of The Apes 1 & 2 and Rise Of The Planet of The Apes — the rest of the POTA series can go squarely in the worst category.

  2. I actually would have put “Anaconda” on the Worst list because of three things: JLo climbing the tower to escape the snake while Ice Cube is rooting her on, Ice Cube in that same scene and Jon Voight getting spit up by said snake. I vaguely remember something about some Beverly Hills Chihuahuas that need to go on the Worst List as well.

    I haven’t seen it but I would put “Secretariat” on the Best List. If you allow documentaries, “The Cove” is excellent. I would put “Hidalgo” with Viggo Mortensen at #1.

    Here’s looking at you, kid!

  3. annonymous permalink

    I think you left these off the best animal movies:
    Homeward Bound – classic tear jerker – get up Shadow!!!

    Milo and Otis – who does love a Pug?

    Best In Show – hilarious, especially Hubert the bloodhound.

    Gordy – Babe the pig’s less popular cousin.

    The Fox and The Hound – animated classic. Best friends forever? Forever ever?

    Congo- sign language speaking gorilla. Jimmy Buffett as the plane pilot. Enough said.

    Omitted from worst list:
    My Dog Skip – if you haven’t seen this one spare yourself. Spoiler alert: this is the saddest most depressingly horrible movie you will ever see.

    Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver – never had to see it to know that it is awful.

  4. My sister and I watch those movies because they are consistently horribly hilarious. I’m glad we aren’t the only two crazy people out there! One of the best movies was dinoshark. My sister laughed at it until we went kayaking. A gator splashed in the river and she almost fell out her boat screaming DINOSHARK!!! Granted, it was early and she was still sleepy, but she’ll never live that one down.

    As for one of the worst… Homeward bound. Watching that as a child messes you up. All those animals, alone… wandering around trying to find their owners. I cried dude. I would probably still cry.

    • Yeah those sad as shit animal movies are too much for me…I am an old softee. I still get sad watching Of Mice and Men, when they take the old mans dog and put it down;( Thanks for the great comments as always and I think the Tremors movies should count too!

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