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Back Off Utah

June 17, 2013

So Ms. Utah is a dumbass…so what…lol. I did not  watch the prestigious Donald Trump ass fest that is known as the Ms. America Pageant the other day. However, I did hear all the grief that Ms. Utah got for her silly comments on a male dominated society and the current state of women’s education. Look people, she is trying to create education better…you laugh…well, let me drop some knowledge on you.  The human ass hat that is Donald Trump does not screen these chicks into his competition, because they can spell “pubic hair comb-over”. He puts them on TV because women that look like this don’t have to be smart for the average guy to watch…there I said it! Why even have a twenty questions round anyways? Do you mean to tell me that a single competitor has ever in history of the Ms. America competition had an idea that changed the world. I mean WE did not invent a low-fat bacon lunch meat because Ms. Florida 76 had the bright idea to end world hunger and simultaneously obtain world peace.

It’s sad to say, but powerful men see these type of women as play things and trophies. By these type of women, I mean women who create their lively hoods around their appearances, and are not taking as much time to cultivate their brains as they do their tits and ass. This is not to say they deserve to be treated as objects, but my observations of society lead me to believe that any offense to this perception is soothed by Harry Winston jewels and Jimmy Choo shoes.  Sure there is the occasional Tom Brady story that warms the heart, but more often than not it’s the Leo train of Victoria Secret models getting banged…Choo Choo. Look at the shows main sponsor Donald Trump, you tell me that any self-respecting woman sees this man and says to herself  ” I gotta have that sexy beast”? The answer is none, but when you consider the lifestyle he can provide, he starts to look a whole lot better. Men of power and stature no matter how dog ugly they are, seek beautiful woman as companions. These men can provide a life-style that the average guy cannot and some women seem to be drawn to that. Powerful women tend to get with dudes that are on their own level as well. Last time I checked, Mila Kunis never dated a 30-year-old dude that worked part-time at the miniature golf course every other weekend.  I am not saying that women are shallow and simply objects that men own…quite the opposite. I think that money can buy you just about anything. If it will buy happiness is a different bag-o-chips. Any way, back to the lovely lady that represents the land of golden potatoes. She may not be so bright, but she will probably come out with a bright shiny diamond one day. In the end, there is room for all kinds, including the dumb and beautiful.

So back off Ms. Utah! She tried;)


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  1. grooda permalink

    Our former president struggled with questions like this. And it was all scripted too!

  2. Lots of good points, I agree! People make too big a deal about this stuff. We’re more interested about this woman’s appearance than her brain–that’s what pageants are.

  3. First off, this sounds an awful lot like the speech I gave on my undergrad thesis. “And then Eleanor of Aquitaine was in a tower and Norway was full of Oranges and the Tudors had to wrong idea so…

    naturally Richard II died in the Holy Land when he was trampled by camel riding Mongols conquesting the Qing empire.

    With tea.

    For the Americas.

    During the Apartheid. Thank you.”

    But yeah, I’m not a pageant girl so I was raised with this ideal that my brain was always going to be my biggest asset. I know this is off topic, but I really wonder how much she spends on makeup and gym memberships… But I agree with everything you this societal evaluation. I mean how else would Trump marry all those supermodels? And without the career of trophy wife, what would a lot of women do? Certainly not work and get education like other women. Although, they might have a couple kids as a safety net… I’m horrible, but I’ve seen it happen.

    Now, I don’t mean to get on my high horse (but we both know I’m going to anyway), but I shall tell you a story because it is applicable and thinking of it makes me laugh.

    About a year ago I got the bright idea to date this moron from work. To be fair, I was the one who made this horrible choice but …(I’m ranting, back to the story). See, it never quite made sense why this guy was 28 and still working as a bagger at a grocery store until I started prying for info. Long story short, dude was a mega millionaire. Not in his own right of course, but he was a trust fund baby with an inheritance of epic proportions. Now, when I decided that he was a questionable father at best (at best) I hit the bricks. Guess what he tried to do? He tried to buy me with his nice car, his nice house, and his nice things. Oh, and that inheritance. To be honest, I have never been so damn insulted in my life. Haven’t spoke to him since, never will. I am not some sort of whore. No. NO. Perhaps he should give Utah a call… They would get along great. He wants gorgeous with no brain, her stereotype would want some cash… Call me matchmaker.

    Some of my friends still jokingly tease me why I didn’t stick around for a decade or so. Could have taken them travelling or something… 😛

    • Add “said in”… I can proofread, I swear.

    • Thanks for the awesome comment! We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some people are beautiful and others are smart, to except our 20 year old hard bodies to think like Steve jobs is just a tad extreme…but hey she looks good in a cocktail dress I bet;)

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