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Guess What I Had For Dinner?

May 21, 2013


Guess what I had for dinner?

Tacos. Sorry, I apologize that I failed to take a picture of the tacos to prove to all my Facebook friends. If you happen to be one of the people who feel the need to take a picture of your Applebees chicken fingaz, I am telling you now to stop being a douche-head. Nobody and I mean nobody does or should give a shit about other people’s food. This has become a trend by adults nonetheless on Facebook, and the shit just needs to stop. I mean you always get two pictures right? The “pre-game” photo that shows a BBQ sangwitch and a cold beer. The picture caption always reads something like “Cold beer and a slice of heaven for me this evening”….Then you have the “aftermath” picture that shows and empty glass and no sangwitch.

STOP right here!

The caption should read “I had dinner now please someone punch me in the face for being stupid”. I just don’t understand the mindset.  Who the hell has friends that think they always lie about, what they eat all the damn time? Who has friends that request you validate your lies by taking photos of the food in question?  If you made the food, maybe I can give you a pass but that is still a reach for me to be honest. If you own a restaurant or write about food for a living then you get a pass but that is my only exception;) I am going to turn the tables on all you people and give you a real before and after photo…photo one the tacos…photo two will be the Titanic shit in the ole ceramic recliner. In my best Tony Montana “See how jew rike dat”.  Maybe I will take a photo of my Ramen noodles or Totinos pizza just to make all you four course meal SOB’s feel bad. I have never…I will never…leave a damn comment about any food that you make or bought. I have novel idea, just eat the damn food and stop bragging about what the hell you ate, your adults for Pete’s sake, man the hell up and stop trying to shine via your dinner plate….That is The Word!



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  1. I laughed so hard and then read this out loud to my Mom. If you think FB is annoying, save thyself from instagram!

  2. Reblogged this on Discovering Different and commented:
    On behalf of mankind, read this. The sanity of people everywhere hangs in the balance!

  3. I would have like to have seen the photo just to see if they can actually fanangle a decent taco up in your neck of the woods.


    • Hey ! You know I can cook the hell outta some fajitas;) and I do like Corona,s ! How is everything Amiga? Normally I can always procure a decent fish taco at the local “taco barn” down this road.

      • You know, that would not surprise me about you. I knew you had some Messican blood in you! We are going to have to upgrade you to some dark beers though. Negra Modelo and Indio are pretty good.

        I think for fun you should photograph all your taco adventures. 🙂

        All good in the hood, Mike! It’s getting into the 90s down here. A little toasty!

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