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Pawn Stars

May 11, 2013



I know, I am not the only person who has seen the surge of TV show that show people negotiating a price for an item. Only to bend over and just get screwed on National television…it drives me nuts! Take your pick Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Cajun Pawn and countless others always portray people/actors with no backbone making shitty deals. You know what I am talking about!

Example:  3 men (The Buyer, The Seller, The Expert)

Expert: This is the bullet that killed President Kennedy. I say this is worth at least 25 k. This should be in a museum, really it’s priceless.

The Buyer: What do you want for it?

The Seller: How bout 17k

The Buyer: I will give you 3oo bucks

The Seller: WoW that is a lot of money…can you do 350?

The Buyer: I can do 300 bucks and a Captain D’s fish basket…best I can do

The Seller: Ok…Sold

Ever seen this show? It just kills me that people need cigarette money so bad that they just cash out for nothing.  I refuse to believe this kind of stuff happens in real life. I have faith in my fellow-man that they would not bow to such foolishness. If life were this easy, we would all be rich.

Just remember in life and in business, someone is always going to try to get over on you…Stand your ground! You can give but don’t break! As soon as another person knows that they have the upper hand and you are comfortable being the victim…game over. It goes without saying but do not be afraid to walk away from a shitty deal…That is The Word!


From → DR.Mike

  1. I find those shows really annoying, and they all seem super fake.

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