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Tebow Time Will Never End;)

April 29, 2013



Rejoice Tebow haters, for today you have won. The black hole of shit that is the New York Jets franchise released Tebow earlier this morning and Tebow haters had a GD field day with the jokes…I don’t think you folks know who the hell you’re dealing with.  Tim Tebow is a great American hero, and its high time you just accept it. Tebow will not fade quietly into the night…Tebow will bust a cap of happiness into all the doubters out there, you just wait and see. Ole Timmy was never even given a chance in New York under the human whale know as Rex Ryan. Ryan is still busy finger popping Sanchez’s ass in the locker room, while both these dudes continue to collect checks for one more season. So even thought today is a sad day…keep your head up Tebow!

Man when life gets you down and your back is against the wall make it “Tebow Time”. Tim Tebow facts that you may or may not know;)

  1. Pressure Doesn’t work well under Tim Tebow.
  2. Tim Tebow can re-cite the entire Bible in Arabic.
  3. Tim Tebow doesn’t play…he just wins.
  4. Tim Tebow’s tears can be used as Holy Water…fact.
  5. Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Tim Tebow stories.
  6. Did you know Tim Tebow had a role in Star Wars?…He was the force!
  7. Tim Tebow won American Idol using only sign language.
  8. Tim Tebow protects his body guards.
  9. Tim Tebow has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear is not dead it’s just too afraid to move.
  10. Tim Tebow could date your sister and mom at the same time…and your dad would still shake his damn hand.
  11. Chuck Norris had a son he never knew…His name was Tim Tebow!!!



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  1. I don’t even like or watch sports and I know about this dude. That’s bad.

    Also, he might be of use to the Vatican. Holy water factory? Must have.

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