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Don’t Be An Asshole

April 9, 2013


Do you know what you call people who when you mistakenly call them and hang up, they call you back with a “Who is this?” I call them assholes. Shit happens sometimes in life. You will dial a phone number wrong. A person may accidentally butt dial or fat finger a number on the phone keypad, we have all been there right? I also bet that each of you have felt the wrath of a supposed scorned caller on the other end. These people must be lonely as shit, let me tell you! They see a strange number on the phone, pick it up, and then hear the tone expire.

What do they do then????

Could this call have been from three Victoria’s Secret Models, who are looking for a threesome at 3pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday? Could this call be from Obama to ask about their opinions on gun control laws? Maybe this was a call from the high school prom queen who would never give your ass the time of day way back when….only one way to find out right? Yep, they call you back and ask “Who is this?” or “Someone called me from this number”. These people are born investigators, they will not let shit slide. The shit heads who pull this tactic always sound like they can barely speak English or they just got done having sex with a Nancy Grace sex doll;) Then you must shamefully admit fault, by acknowledging your grievous error. Only then can the wronged  d-bag cope with the possibility that the GD world does not center around them. The call back is apparently essential for closure purposes. I can only imagine how these people get through the day with all these “strangers” calling them and not wanting to be friends or tennis partners. I just assume that they have all the time in the world, if you have the time/nerve to call me back, I will lie. “Hey buddy! You called me, who is this?” I will reverse the trick on yo ass and play Sherlock Holmes mind games on you.

So if you get a wrong number calling your phone, either ignore it or pick it up. If the person on the other end has made a mistake, acknowledge the mistake and move the hell on. Don’t be an asshole…That Is The Word!


From → You Ever Notice?

  1. I’ve had text conversations with people who I wasn’t looking for. “Hey! How are you?” And then, “Who are you?” “Fumi!” “Fumigator?” “Noooooooo….” It’s way too much texting for a wrong answer that will end in no friendship. Though, I will admit that I’ve been sort of hit on by someone I was trying to rent storage space from. And strangely enough, the transaction was purely via telephone.

    All I can conclude is that people are really weird sometimes.

  2. I’ve never called a wrong number back, who the hell does that? If I get a call from a number I don’t recognize, I let it go to voicemail, and I Google the phone number. Nine times out of ten it’s some telemarketer.

  3. My rule of thumb is “no voicemail, no return call”. Seriously, if it’s important, they’ll call back anyway. I called a number back one time and it was a doctor’s office I’d never heard of. Lesson learned. 😉

  4. Sblitz permalink

    @Katie Renee like your answer

    if you don’t know the voice/person don’t call back, unless they try again

    one call from a wrong number, i can ignore
    if call back don’t be rude,
    if you are rude it is a put down mentally, and make the person feel 10x worse after they realize the mistake

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