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Top 10 Things That Need To Come Back From The 90’s

April 6, 2013


So as I walked around Atlanta last night for the NCAA festivities, all I saw were these hipsters dressed like extras in a Whitesnake video. Kids, if you don’t know what at trans gender rock star with crabs looks like…Google Whitesnake. Everywhere I looked, the dudes looked hotter than their women and typically were thinner and had prettier make-up…it was a sad scene. Why bring back the 80’s? Why not the 90’s? I think most folks would admit that the 90’s were a tad bit better in most areas, this is not to say the 80’s were all bad. So it’s been a minute since my last Top 10 list and I wanted to give my tens of fans a task. Read my list and let me know what you miss from the fabulous 90’s!

This is my list of the top ten things I miss from the 90’s…enjoy and let me know what I missed.

  1. Chicks with tongue rings…good as a Bullseye back in the day
  2. Good Music Videos, and gd channel that plays them
  3. Grunge Music
  4. Unplugged Albums
  5. Heavyweight Boxing
  6. The WB…you know, you had a show you liked?
  7. Outkast…great group
  8. Elimidate TV Show…show was classic. ” I guess if I had a 3-way kiss/blow job I could decide a winner”
  9. Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra
  10. Good Arnold Movies, Friends,  Jerry Springer, Guns N Roses, Saved By the Bell…Zack is still the man

***Bonus: Things I will never miss from the 90’s

  1. Zimas
  2. Boy Bands
  3. VHS Tapes
  4. Full House
  5. Titanic
  6. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  7. Parachute/ Hammer Pants
  8. Pagers…911 4 69
  9. Bag Phones
  10. Steroids…shamed many of my heroes, damn you PED’s
One Comment
  1. Slate permalink

    Come out to Iowa…this place is perpetually stuck in the 90’s! Random 90’s stuff I loved: Weezer’s blue album, hip hop and rap music when it was still “listenable”, vans deck shoes, Michael Jordan, Starter pullover jackets (I had the Spurs because it was the only one that nobody at my school already had), T2, Alice in Chains w/ Layne Staley (sorry new guy- nobody can fill those shoes, ever), Tombstone, being in my late teens and early 20’s, Ren and Stimpy, SNL, being able to tuck in your shirt, Sega Genesis, November Rain, Clerks, Michael Jordan (yeah he’s on here twice. Sorry Lebron, the distance between you and Jordan is so huge it cannot even be explained in words)

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