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Gun Control Song;)

March 27, 2013

Leave it to Ace Ventura to take a stand against gun control. Apparently, Jim Carrey has been catching some major shit for his best Marty Robbins tribute “Cold Dead Hand.” Carrey’s anti-gun anthem has gotten serious heat from Fox News and other like-minded pundits. Carrey has been referred to as a “pathetic tool” and that he has a “cold, dead career” by those riled up by his satirical message. We can all agree that Fox News is pretty much the most rational, level-headed new station around….just kidding!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion right? Well, so the hell is Jim Carrey!  I have long told you that I am not here to write a political blog. I assume most of you are educated and capable of coming to your own conclusions on the gun control debate.  I watched the video for “Cold Dead Hand” and I found it to be pretty damn funny. It reminded me of JC’s old In Living Color days and the songs/video he once performed.  So have a sense of humor and give it a spin and remember…it’s just a video;)

Any thoughts on the video??? Leave a comment.


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One Comment
  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I loved In Living Color because of Fire-marshal Bill.
    I’m forever a Jim Carey fan.

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