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New Justin Timberlake…Somebody Will Be Pregnant Before The End of The Night

March 19, 2013


Somebody will be pregnant before the end of the night. This is for all the dudes out there, take your ass to Amazon or I tunes…does not matter. What matters is that you get the new Justin Timberlake album, it has the power to make nearly every woman horny. I can’t tell you how this former N-Syncer does it, but he does. It has been seven long years since JT’s last album and today he delivers the The 20/20 Experience.  This dude has all the damn luck, it’s really not fair. I will not be a hypocrite and tell you that I have always loved JT. Many years ago, I thought he would end up like the deadlocked white dude from N-Sync ( Anyone remember him?) JT you proved me wrong and gained a fan in the process. Every self-respecting man will need to add The 20/20 Experience to their catalog. Having some Timberlake in the room is the equivalent of having a sex perfume that comes outta one of those Air Wick towers.  All jokes aside, The 20/20 Experience is a good album.  So for all you lonely hearts out there, get some JT and get busy…That is the Word!

If you doubt the power check, let your lady hear the song “Don’t Hold The Wall”…her panties will be off before you can finish reading this post. Salute Jedi Timberlake!

Call me JT...if you can remeber my name!

Call me JT…if you can remember my name!


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  1. I know, it’s so so so weird.
    I remember thinking the same thing.
    Where did that lil squirt get all that swag? Puberty was good to Justin T. Now he bangs Jessica Beal whenever he wants!

  2. So, I’m getting my copy tomorrow…I need to put my stamp of approval on this “pregnancy” claim.

  3. Ok, I have to admit to not following JT when he was with N-Sync, but I’ve been a big fan of his solo career and love his music. It helps that he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and his skits on SNL are classic.

    • I could not agree more…he is talented, funny, good looking and I just wanna punch him in the throat:) Jk Hope all is well.

  4. Still need to get the CD, but from what I’ve heard, I may already be pregnant.

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