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You Had A Bad Day

March 9, 2013


So you think you had a bad day? Tell that to this dude, yes this is a gay man who sadly lost control of his vibrator and had to take his ass to the hospital. Talk about a bow-legged walk-o-shame!  Take a minute and let this image burn into your memory, because this what can happen when a man does not know his limitations. I guess the dude would be considered and amateur in the gay community but its hard to know for sure:0  I for one would have loved to seen the look on the poor interns face that had to witness a shit covered vibrator being extracted from a man’s ass…talk about images that are hard to forget. The poor soul that extracted this vibrator should have gotten the night off early for sure and perhaps a fruit basket.  All I can hope is that this poor man did not have to wait all night in the ER waiting room.

I hope this does not come off as an anger or a hateful type post, that is truly not my intent. For those who frequent the blog you may have picked on my semi liberal take on society. I hope we all can appreciate the humor and horror that is a misplaced vibrator in the ass.

Most couples tend to try to push their sexual limits and there is nothing wrong with that, just don’t let a night of fun turn into a Word post;) In honor of this poor bastard I will leave it to the animal kingdom (aka the screaming goats) to describe how this poor dude must have felt at the point of no return.


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  1. I heard about that. Talk about embarrassing…

  2. He’s a newbie. There are vibrators specifically for men which have stops at the end so that they don’t get lost up in that mug.

    • I think next time this dude may just need a broom stick or some other object with a longer shaft to prevent these type of accidents.

      • Broomsticks can splinter. They sell Pyrex ones which (when you consider the properties of glass) offer for a lot of possibilities. Just sayin’….

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