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Let Me Get That Door For Ya

March 6, 2013


Who’s your doorman?

Not this guy!

When in the hell did it become socially acceptable to let someone just stand there and hold a door open for you, and you never even say thanks? Look I am not your personal damn doorman, roaming the Earth looking for ways to help your ass out. There is no response you can give me to justify someone who does not say thanks, or acknowledge when someone holds the door open for them. These damn people walk around like mindless damn zombies talking on the phone, grown ass men prancing around like they are Shane from The Walking Dead. They then approach the door, I am holding open because I am a nice guy. They then proceed to walk in chatting on the phone, never even making eye contact. All the while I am holding the door open like I am a damn bell boy at the Ritz Carlton. I would like to slap the damn phone outta your hand and say you’re welcome dick. I go to the mall and a dude with like 8 damn kids is walking in,  I then hold the door open for the whole damn family…not one son of a bitch says thanks.  So my new resolution is to just start slamming doors on people mid-open. If I can gauge you are a dick, who will not tell me thanks…you will get a damn door to the hip. Ladies you are the worst sometimes with this issue. Every dude is not trying to get in your pants when they hold the door open for ya. So say thanks, it is just that simple, ok princess…watch your hips I am coming for ya in 2013. :()


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  1. There was this 40-something who I used to work with who married a guy that was way younger and much more feminine than she was. She felt like the was the last Coke in the desert and acted like it too. Saw her coming out of a bank and I just happened to be walking in. I had the door open for the guy who was coming out and she decided to slip past him and get out first.

    I just let the door close on her face.

    There are really vile creatures out there.

  2. I also expect to get my ass looked at. I’m old. What the hell do I care? O:-)

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