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Good To Be a Viking

March 4, 2013



Did you watch the premiere of The History Channels new TV show The Vikings? Well I did, and it was a fairly solid start to what I think could be a good show. The show had a pretty significant impact on me, I must say. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a Ph.D in Viking history and mythology. I also dabble in collecting vintage Viking weaponry that is used for intimidating rebel neighborhood cats, but that is another blog all together. I have come to the astute conclusion that some aspects of Viking life were pretty damn awesome. I would like to challenge you to bring back some of these Viking practices into your modern lives. Maybe some things were better way back then….lucky for my tens of fans, I can tell you how!

Top 10 Reasons It’s Pretty Sweet Being a Viking

  1. You are allowed to smell like cow shit and eat a raw turkey leg at every other meal. The protein alone is simply awesome!
  2. The fur man panties make any man look like an absolute bad ass.
  3. Little known fact but Vikings often used actual shit bombs to ward off enemy attacker. Viking Law # 321
  4. Vikings did not want or need assault riffles…they called those their fists.
  5. You saved a lot of money on hair products.
  6. Half of the Viking women had their tits hanging out at any given moment;)Studies have shown this makes for a more productive work day and increased morale.
  7. The Viking names always sound bad ass and pay homage to your lineage at the same time. How would you like to introduce yourself at your next job interview with ” I am Mike, son of rain and keeper of the badlands Ballenger”?
  8. It is totally acceptable to drink beer at nearly every meal.
  9. Every Viking gets to express themselves through their beards. Studies also prove that builds character.
  10. Vikings were allowed to grunt in response to most any question, also very cool.

So check out the show and try to make a few of these work for you! Dr. Mike appreciates your opinion and would love to hear from you;)


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