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March 2, 2013

Netflix what the hell you jack up my rate, but as far as I can tell your service is the exact same. The instant streaming/watch instantly movies and TV shows never change. It is always the same shit month after month.

Why can’t we ever get a new release?

Netflix you need to step up your game and change the movies at minimum every two weeks. Also who picks out some of these shitty movies, that are available to choose from? Some of these movies remind me of a redneck flea market sale in BFE, Alabama.  Another thing is who does the groupings? I swear, I saw Million Dollar Baby in the comedy section last week. I have a tip Netflix. Lethal Weapon is not a Comedy, so stop marking that shit as such. Or the all-knowing Netflix will recommend a movie that you just saw…lol. “Hey buddy, I think you would like Battleship, because you tend to watch all these other shitty movies we provide!”   If you want to see Argo, good luck with that shit…won’t happen!  Netflix will most likely have Argo and Lincoln ready to stream by the next Oscar celebration if ever. I for one would like to see some music dvds get placed on the streaming, maybe even some GGW videos;)The dude is broke Netflix he needs your help.


Netflix you have sold out! Maybe I will try out the Redbox. To me the “Redbox” sounds like where you would go to rent a good porn flick on Friday night. There is an idea… go to a Porn Box, get a movie and a complimentary wet wipe. I just hate drug stores and Wal-Marts, so I tend not to frequent the Redbox. Netflix you cut me…you cut me deep.


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  1. Hi Mike! I’m with you on your Netflix rant. I hate that there isn’t a database to peruse and we’re stuck with their terrible recommendations. I would be happy to pay more to be able to stream better movies, but that isn’t an option. You pay more to get them in the mail. I hate that!! I would have ditched them long ago if our son didn’t use it so much. I haven’t gone the Redbox route yet, but there’s one across the street at the quick mart, so I should probably check it out.

  2. Unknown permalink

    You do realize that Netflix added instant streaming as a bonus of their service? They have a TON of movies (including Argo) for rent by mail. Their original way of delivering your shows and movies.

    I agree that their instant streaming lineup does need a change-up, but their rental selection is massive, offering tons of popular/new/great DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s.

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