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Are We Number #1?

February 23, 2013

I found this video a few weeks ago and I was on the fence about posting it on The Word. The video is from the TV show Newsroom, which I am sure many of you are familiar with. Seeing how gas has spiked in the last month and the gun control debate wages on, I felt this maybe refreshing to some.

I tend not to get into politics on my blog because it’s not my place to attempt to pursued anyone. Please don’t get me wrong,  politics are very important to me. We all believe what we choose and as long as you come by that thought process honestly and freely, then you’re good in my book. What I don’t like is simply following a set of standard/pre-determined convictions that supposedly define you as a person. Some times politics always strive to be black and white, the reality is that politics are shades of grey. You should always decide what you believe and come by those convictions on your own…Please don’t be afraid to question our lawmakers or Congress men. I just wanted to put this video out there to solicit a response from anyone that may have something to get off their chest. I don’t agree with everything that is said in this video but it’s definitely an honest take.  I don’t know if we are number one, there is no place I would rather be but maybe it’s time for some humble pie.

So are we still number #1?


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  1. I don’t watch tv (aside from Top Gear, IQ and the Graham Norton Show, all BBC btw) but I would watch this. If you don’t agree with something, question the establishment. Better to ask the question than to not be sure of a supposed answer.

    • I am glad you commented, I was shocked nobody else did. It’s sad I have done 300 posts and nobody ever seems to care about current events or anything remotely political…that is why I have to stick to posts about boob tats;)

      • It was a really well written piece of television. I think too many people want to not rock the boat or would much rather not care about it. Perhaps it’s boring but when you hear what’s going on behind the scenes, one has to realize that this is not a joke and it is our lives on the line. I do hate the blind statements of grandeur because nothing stinks worse than a blissfully ignorant person. What ever happened to learning something, for a change?

        Stick it out. We’ll make a change, even if it is one post at a time. 😉

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