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Don’t Tat The Boobs…the remix

February 22, 2013

According to, this is my greatest hit/post. I wrote this crap over a year ago and to be honest, how it still gets views is just silly;) I appreciate anyone who has ever came to my humble blog! I thought in the spirit of nostalgia, I would re-post this one, just in case you missed it. I still believe that tattooing the boobs is a cardinal sin. I would plead with the ladies to LEAVE the boobs alone! So for anyone who missed the “Don’t Tat The Boobs Post”…enjoy!

Coming back at you today to talk about chicks that, in my mind, commit the ultimate sin, tattooing the boobs. Ladies, why would you ever want to ruin possibly the greatest body part on a girl? Let me say I am in no way against tattoos, I just don’t like them on somebody’s face or on a girls boobs. Typically the women who have tattoos on their boobs have persons name like an ex-husband who is in lock up. I have seen chicks with an image of like a heart, playboy bunny, star, or something that typically looks like a booby smudge up close. Just to prove these are  lame as hell, there is a celebrity that has caught some recent negative press for her titty tat, guess who? That’s right none other than Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is America’s version of upper class white trash…sorry Miley, I just hate your ass!  Guys you are not off-limits either. The funniest tattoo is the “Male Tramp Stamp”…have you guys seen these things? Damn these dudes are funny. These dudes typically they look like Mike the Situation from the Jersey Shore, always seeking attention. Really to me you should just re-invest the money and instead of the sexy tribal tat around your ass checks, just get a tattoo that says douche-bag across your forehead. Here are a few clues/tips you can use to uncover these d-bags in your daily travels.

  1. They are always overly tan all year around.
  2. Dudes usually look like “Roid Heads”…think UFC fighter with dawg ears.
  3. Tons and tons of hair-gel….think like peanut butter hair gel.
  4. Look for the car they drive to be a really bright color…like neon green, Gatorade orange, etc
  5. They never have a woman with them ever…single can you believe it?
  6. They’re always wearing a wife beater tank top.
  7. They usually have a Detroit on White Sox hat turned around backwards…hard hat for a soft man…lol

So ladies leave those boobs alone and pristine…or just find you a male diva with a tramp stamp…That Is The Word!

Good thing she got the tat, I would have missed her.
What a bad ass angel!
Going home alone again.
I need a vacation!

From → Really? Really?

  1. Boo…b tats have a tendency to be completely trashy, I agree with you there. Side boob tats are fuckin hot, though. That’s my humble opinion, however. Side boob, that leads down the ribcage. Mmmmmmmm…..that’s my favorite, most intriguing spot.

    • I agree the side titty tat with like some old English riddle is pretty damn hot it’s the top boob tat that makes me sad. Thanks for always stoping by!

      • I have seen many beautiful front boob tattoos. Most are sections of larger pieces.
        I can understand your frustration, from a males standpoint.
        I just love well-done body art.

  2. Now I want to get some Ink 😉

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