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3-D T-Shirts

February 20, 2013

wolfOk virgins of the world, you got some new t-shirts coming! has boldly created their Spring line of women repelling t-shirts and here is the kicker, these shirts are 3-D!!!!!! These T-shirts guarantee that wearers will lose the slim chance they have of getting a handjob. On the bright side, you may not get the ladies, but you will have some pretty advanced technology as far as t-shirts go. These t-shirts feature three-dimensional images of animal faces, aliens and other odd items!  I cannot stress how bad of an idea it would be to actually purchase one of these things. Here is a tip for all the dorks that read my blog, let Dr. Mike give you some life advice.

Guess what is 3-D that comes standard with all girls t-shirts?


If you continue to wear shit like 3-D t-shirts, you will never get to experience real 3-D titties in yo face:0

I know it’s getting tough out there for the pimply faced X-box crowd that masturbates more than a prisoner on death row. To reverse the trend of getting Catfished by some dude in Iowa, you have to look out for yourself. One sure-fire way to avoid ridicule and pain, is NOT to wear a t-shirt with the picture of a cat drinking milk in 3-D. 3-D is not that great anyways. I for one am getting sick of 3-D everything. 3-D has already polluted movies beyond the point of rescue, and now they are going after video games. So a line must be drawn and I say “LEAVE MY T-SHIRTS ALONE!”  The shit ain’t cool and it ain’t cute (if you’re a dude anyway)…That is the Word.



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  1. Why was this even invented… I’ve never thought there was a need or a demand for 3D clothing items.

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