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The Walking Dead You Watching?

February 10, 2013


Are you counting the hours until the hit AMC show The Walking Dead returns tonight from its mid December break up? TWD has not given us any follow-up booty calls, no courteous “thinking of you” texts…it just left us cold. Tonight TWD fans finally get a little love!

I have seen every episode of the show and can say that I am a huge fan. I am still amazed at how such a niche, show has become such a cult phenomenon. Classic plot…you take a bunch of hillbillies from Georgia and have them duke it out with the undead for multiple seasons. I am not gonna waste your time with the plot summaries or character basics…I will just assume you watch the show.

So what can we expect?

I can tell from my insider knowledge of the show and my close contact with the producers, that we can expect some big things before season’s end;) These “things” will be huge and have major impacts on the main characters or maybe this is made up shit that I created. My creative staff and myself (me and the dog) have come up with some ideas that we would like to see The Walking Dead adopt. Please read, laugh, share, enjoy, cherish, criticize, and above all really consider these groundbreaking ideas. I think these ideas could really enrich the entire show and I thank you for your time. Have a great Sunday night….Team Shane 4 life;)

  • The show returns with a dramatic slow shot of little Carl’s face gleaming in the hard sun. The only difference is that  little Carl has now grown a classic Burt Reynolds mustache and is now formally known around the prison yard as “Hoss”. As a bonus he is now banging Hershel’s daughter on the regular.
  • Hershel will soon drop those walking crutch’s and go forward with a full-blown pirate leg. This pirate leg will be no ordinary leg, the wood will be made entirely from walker skull bone. Hershel will now be known around the prison yard as “Boney McGee”
  • The Governor will soon open a hair salon for walkers.
  • My man Darryl, will finally get a shot of ass from Sophia’s mom…long deserved my friends.
  • Rick will soon battle The Governor in a redneck potato gun battle to the death.
  • Meryl and Glen become friends and sit around the campfire watching Maggie strip on the regular. Glen will have made Meryl a custom whiskey flask attachment for his missing limb. Don’t worry Maggie will be into it!
  • T-Dawg’s long-lost brother Nate Dogg Jr. will return to avenge his brother while the song ‘Gangsta Nation” plays constantly in the background as tribute.
  • Rick will get/wear a custom-made “Save Shane” T-Shirt…outta respect.
  • Andrea will leave The Governor and get with Nate Dogg Jr!
  • My dog requests that the group find an unaffected dog and that he rides with Carl.
  • Let the characters find an abandoned Dillards, and get some new damn clothes.
  • Make the walkers faster…I am thinking 28 days type fast.
  • The show needs a cool opening song, I recommend “Gimme Shelter” by the Stones.

What would you like to see happen? Leave a comment!



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  1. Now that Laurie is finally out of the way, I’m going to hold out irrational hope that Rick dies. I can’t stand him.

    • What does it say about me as a person if when they showed ghost Lori, I would have had Shane standing naked behind her? Ricky would have just flipped his shit and shot Hershel’s other good leg.,.then little Carl would,ve had to put him down…team Shane!

  2. I am a huge WD fan. I’ve read every single one of the comic books, I’ve watched every episode and I am totally excited about tonight. I just really hope that it picks up the pace a little. It’s been pretty slow at times in my opinion. I would like to see Carl get his ass spanked.

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