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Grammy Duet That Needs To Happen

February 4, 2013


Anybody out there enjoy watching the Grammys because they have the strange ability to bring together some awesome collaborations? I have already written about A$AP Rocky on my music blog but there is a song that I would like to pass along. Ole Rocky and Florence Welch recently did a song called “I Come Apart”…pretty much anyone who likes Florence and The Machine will dig this song!

Basically you take one part rap and one part Celtic diva, what you are left with is a killer mash-up. I can envision this song in all it’s full glory with a 60 piece string section and crazy Florence dancing barefoot, while doing rap poses. I would then have Slash come on stage and kill a guitar solo with Jack White. Maybe toss in a little/big Adele singing in the backup vocals section and Neil Young on harmonica. So it will never happen, but that does not mean, it should not. So here is plug for you Mr.A$AP Rocky! If you sell one copy of this song to a lonely soccer mom, The Word expects a shout out on the next record. In the meantime here is a Grammy performance that needs to happen;)



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