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Baddest Females In Movie History

January 31, 2013


MCDTERM EC064So tonight The Word would like to salute the most badass ladies in cinematic history. All to often the men get most of the love in action movies, but I could never forget the ladies. I really wish Hollywood would create some tougher roles for females. All to often, all we get is same old shit from the Jennifer Anniston’s of the world. Hollywood provides the same tired, I am female discovering myself plot. Most times the only regular role women play in movies is one of two things….the wife or the mistress.


Tonight we salute the ladies that set the bar for the rest of the competition. The ladies that could go toe to toe with the Rambo’s and John McClain’s of the world. Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite, there are no wrong answers here. Unless it’s Julia Roberts;)

Baddest Females In Movie History

  1. Sarah Connor – Terminator 2 – Linda Hamilton ( She was a wimp in the first Terminator, but damn what a comeback)
  2. The Bride – Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol2 -Uma (Can anyone turn off the Kill Bill movies when they’re on? I can’t)
  3. Ripley – Aliens – S.Weaver ( Credit Ripley with being the true first)
  4. Trinity – Matrix Trilogy Carrie Ann Moss (I love a tough lady in S&M)
  5. Selene – Underworld Franchise (I love a tough lady in S&M with blue eyes as well)
  6. Ms.Smith – Mr. and Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie
  7. Hit Girl – Kick Ass
  8. Alabama Worrley – True Romance
  9. Alice – Resident Evil franchise Milla Jovovich
  10. Carolina – Desperado movies Salma Hayek
  11. Baby Doll – Sucker Punch ( This movie covers just about every man’s wet dream)
  12. Gi Jane – Demi Moore

Honorable Mention:

Cherry from Planet Terror, Tomb Raider, Cat Woman (Pfeiffer & Hathaway), Lucy Liu ( Kill Bill), M.Rodriguez(Fast & Furious)

  1. Since I hate action movies, I have no idea if I agree with this list or not.

  2. I noticed you had a lot of Tarantino ladies… so, i’m wondering how you could have left Jackie Brown off… Also, Kate Mccallister from Home Alone. hahahahah

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