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State Of The Union Fast Food Wake Up Call

January 26, 2013


Ok Krystals, Chick Fil-a, Momma G’s, Wendys and Zaxbys, I am calling you out. What makes you think I am not fully capable of getting my own drink while dinning in? It’s always some stupid combo, you give me a cup of ice, no drink. Or sometimes you hand me a pre-made drink that only you can do, with your drink making magic skills. I

In this day and age, where most people can be self-sufficient enough to make their own beverage…why do you not trust me? Why do you feel the need to be in control, is it a power thing? They love to ask when you approach empty chalice in hand, “Would you like a refill?” I believe so, what gave it away. They also love to say, “please take off the top, we can’t touch the top”. I don’t understand that logic, you put the top on the first time, what is the big deal. I also feel bad for these people who decide that water is a health alternative to 48 ounces of liquid sugar. These poor bastards are given the “water only cup”, which is generally the size of shot glass. The cup is so small that once a straw is actually insert into the cup, the cup now resembles a child’s sippie cup. Krysatals will soon teach you water drinkers, that water is surely not the way to go.

Let me also take this opportunity to once again, ridicule fast food chains for the sheer amount of chicken nuggets/peckers that are sold in a combo. 20 nuggets somehow, has become the standard. How is this even possible? How did we come to 20 nuggets in the first place? When did 10 nuggets not suffice the average person? Please, be honest with yourselves, these nuggets are not that good. If you want some dried chicken turds by the bushel, holla at me! I know some guys;)


Have you ever seen Chick-Fila-A give you more than 6-10 nuggets in a combo? Hell No! If you did get a 20 piece from Chick Fil-A, be prepared to shell out 20 bucks. The wing prices are also outta control in this country, they basically force you to spend/eat more. Six hot wings are say 6 bucks, but you can get a dozen for 8.50 with a large drink…sounds like a well planned scheme to me.

So in conclusion, let me decide how much drink I need and the frequency with which I need it. If the shit was the same as top shelf alcohol, I might be able to understand. We cannot have the inmates running the prison. Give me a break, give me a drink…that’s the word.


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