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What’s That Smell??????

January 22, 2013


You ever notice it takes some people an extreme amount of time on the air freshener aisle?

I swear almost every time I go down this aisle, I see people camping out and sniffing the smells  like they are hitting a scented bong. Some women practice the puff, puff, pass technique with regards to candle sniffing and it’s just a mind numbing exercise in futility. People must put a lot of thought into deciding which smell will define their personality for the next nine days. Just pick a damn scent would ya! This does not have to be a big production. Do you want your house to smell like cat piss or vanilla, mountain streams, tropical breeze, cinnamon…etc. In my opinion, any of these smells are better than piss.

Also can someone please explain to me why the hell Yankee Candles cost so much? These candles run like 25 bucks, did I miss the invention of some advanced candle formula they are using? Son of a Bitch, people open every last one of these candles and why wouldn’t they? I would not want to waste my money either if I could afford these Cadillac of candles. If you have enough disposable income to drop a hundred spot on candles each month, then more power to you. I have to stick to the three buck Glade candles that do not run on a seasonable rotation. Chances are my house will smell like Hawaiian Breeze in the Summer and the Winter. Go ahead and judge me;)

The funniest thing to me is that these hound-dog nosed men and women, who attempt to smell the ocean through the plastic wrapping on several products that claim to have a scent. Think of like a roll of paper towels that is touted to smell like a cherry jubilee. Maybe the product is a trash bag that claims to smell like a pineapple orgy. These people look down at the plastic encased package, like they are pissed it does not smell like a unicorns ass. You mean to tell me that you cannot smell the lemon fresh scent of the 409 through the plastic bottle. Whatever you buy, please take a minute, pick up a smell and move your ass along. I don’t need you to have smell-gasim over these mystical scents…That is the Word.


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  1. My mother buys Yankee Candles!! I take her to the store, and she opens tons of them. I am not afraid to throw my head back, gag, and say Yuuuuck! Good for you on the Hawaiian Breeze … our bathroom has the Christmas pine tree (not Pine Sol cleaner) scent most of the year.

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