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Top 15 Worst Looking Rock Star Of All Time

January 14, 2013


I LOVE music and I tend to listen to a ton of it! I also think that I have a pretty good sense of what an attractive person looks like. I also know what a fugly troll looking SOB looks like! Take the general rule, where people have to be somewhat good-looking to attract a mate and throw that shit right out the window when it comes to rock stars/musicians. Musicians have been pulling ass they have no business dating for years now…not to mention the backstage pass access;) Only in music can a man or woman have sex with someone different, almost every single night, looking like cross dressing homeless pirate…makes me jealous;) That damn Eddie Money Geico commercial sadly inspired me to write(full confession).

So with that in mind, let’s do a Top 15 Worst Looking Rock Stars OF All Time

  1. David Crosby from the pits of hell
  2. The Fat Man from PM Dawn from Bob’s Rib Shack
  3. Tom Petty from Tom Petty’s dad
  4. Iggy Pop from Jersey I think
  5. Joey Ramone from The Ramones
  6. Gene Simmons from Kiss
  7. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith/American Idol
  8. Lemmy from Motorhead/wart town
  9. Ric Ocasek from The Cars
  10. Juvenille from Cash $
  11. Trinidad James from a gold turds ass
  12. Janis Joplin from a Wal Mart in Bama
  13. Keith Richards from the greatest band of all time
  14. Billy Joel from Satan’s asshole itself
  15. Meat Loaf from Meat Loaf

Honorable Mention: Marilyn Manson,  LMFAO d-bags, Adam Lambert,  Jacko aka MJ, Eddie Money, Thom Yorke, fat Axel Rose with the dreads, Phil Collins, and the lead singer of Nickelback!!!!!!



Leave a comment and let me know, who is your nominee!


  1. Ha! Makes me think of something I like to call stage goggles, whereby anybody tends to look 10x hotter when they are on stage performing and / or generally oozing charisma / bullshit…

    • I know right…what is wrong with you ladies;) I kills me to think of all the withdrawls at the booty bank a rock star makes. Thanks for your comment and swing back by sometime!!!

  2. Funny! Great call on the number one ugly. 😉

  3. Eddie Money in that Geico commercial is sooo painful. Have to agree your list. Some people like the Gene Simmons look, but not me!


  5. Kacie Combs permalink

    Joey Ramone was hot. Like, really hot. Jalepenio hot.

  6. DimensionX permalink

    Adam Lambert is the hottest man alive! And millions of us Glamberts think so!

  7. DimensionX permalink

    Some of these guys are just getting older. (Happens to the best of us, right?!) Like, who can really believe that Axl Rose is 52!

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