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Weight Loss Club 2013 – Downsize Fitness

January 8, 2013


I read about this guy in Dallas who has been successfull with a new idea/concept for the atypical gym. Downsize Fitness is an exclusive health club, evocative of the nation’s trendiest gyms. But there are strict requirement to join:

You must be 50 pounds or more overweight. The chain wants its members to feel comfortable while exercising, so there are no mirrors inside and the windows are fogged. Even the equipment is designed for heavier people. I personally think this is a great idea!

I usually go to the gym 4-5 days a week and try to put forth a solid effort each day. My biggest problem is diet and soft drinks, so really I just maintain what I got…lol. The damn Taco Bell keeps stealing my gains, because I am too weak to resist;) I can totally empathize with being in a room of beautiful bodies and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily for me, I have a selfish asshole side that says “Go to Hell, I paid my 26 bucks…and I am here for tricep curls today!”.

Being at the gym so much, you tend to see a lot of faces come and go. You can see the gains that people can achieve with just a little drive and willpower, and that is awesome. Sadly, sometimes while I am there, you can just see the uncomfortable expressions that new/overweight people have. I would love to tell these people that they’re brave and putting in the work is tough. Achieving fitness goals are a real challenge and often takes a total commitment from the participant. A positive, clean environment plays a huge role in the overall fitness picture. So a gym that caters to taking away all the bullshit models only working out to hook up with roid heads is refreshing. I think that motivation comes from working with others that have like goals. If an overweight person can get in a groove at a place like Downsize Fitness, I say more power to them. These people should not be mocked, but applauded for their efforts in 2013…That is The Word!

What is your take on Downsize Fitness.


From → DR.Mike

  1. Anything that gets anyone to move instead of not move, is groovy in my book.

    • I totally agree unless it’s Gangnam Style dancing;)

      • You know you want to horsey dance, Mikey!

        I think it’s a lovely idea and if people can feel more comfortable working out at Downsize, mad props.

        I knew someone who said that she hated fat people and that she thinks that couture houses putting out plus sizes only encourages overweight people to stay overweight. This coming from a person who was 40 lbs overweight. Real scandalous and it’s that sort of thinking that doesn’t let you see how beautiful a person can be.

        Her loss.

      • Even then, Mike. Calories are calories.
        Here is a question for you…
        Zumba or game system dancing?

  2. Yep, saw this on the Today Show and thought it was a great idea. As I wondered if they got booted out once they lost the weight, the reporter answered the jaded voice in my head assuring me they get to keep their membership. Question is will they remember who they were when they signed up. Would love to see the follow up story in a year. 😉 Happy New Year! It’s January 9…how much longer can I keep saying that?

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am with you, exercise in any fashion is a good thing. I tend to feel bad for the women at my gym. The ladies will not even lift weights due to the facts that there are always 40 plus dudes lifting. I totally get why women go to their own gyms;)

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