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Best Big Booty Music Video Of All Time

January 2, 2013



So I was thinking today…what is the best big booty video of all time? I want to apologize in advance to all the ladies who are offended by the word booty or the way a womans ass has been glorified the last 20+ years. Does having a nice ass get you everything in life? No, but it does not hurt your chances ladies. For what it’s worth I am boob/leg man myself….but some men simply live and die by the almighty ass. They are mesmerized by the powers of the ass and many times are not ashamed to admit it. For the record, I don’t think that I am telling you something most women don’t know already!

That being said, back in the day when MTV actually played videos, my generation was treated to a heaping helping of classic big booty videos. In a strange way, I kinda feel bad for the young kids. These kids will never experience having their minds blown by the sheer size of a “Hip Hop” ladies ass;) I can still remember my first time seeing Wreckx-N-Effect video for “Rump Shaker”. Or memorizing the entire video for Sir Mix A-Lots “Baby Got Back”….you remember that one, I know you do.

I recently went to the local club and all they were playing was classic big booty songs, it was like trip back in time down big ass lane. Ahhh the memories.

So here they are…my take on the best big booty music videos of all time!

Best Big Booty Music Videos All Time ( in order and yes, this was tuff)

  1. Big Pimpin, Jay Z…there is not a man alive who would not love to be on that boat
  2. Rump Saker, Wreckx-N-Effect…yes its old but it pretty much set the bar
  3. Shake Ya Ass, Mystikal…Attention all yawll playas and pimps;)
  4. Baby Got Back, Sir-Mix-A-Lot…I mean the guy had a 3 story ass in the video
  5. I Wanna Love You, Akon…revisit this one
  6. Thong Song, Sisqo…thank you still Mr.Sisqo
  7. Doin It, LL Cool J…just straight dirty
  8. Hit In Here, Nelly
  9. Candy Shop, 50 Cent
  10. I Luv Dem Strippers, 2Chainz
  11. My Humps, Black Eyed Peas…what can I say, I like Stacey
  12. Make It Rain, Travis Porter…song is trash but video is ok


  1. I still can’t get over “lovely lady lumps”.


    That is the most feeble attempt at a description of a body part that I’ve ever heard.

    Happy new year, Mike! Good post!

    • Happy new year to you as well! I have meant to post some comments on your recent blogs, you have had some good stuff lately;) I am gonna do a blog on the scary stuff I have seen at the gym lately..I look forward to your comment!

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