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2013…Come On Down

January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! Lets be honest, the end of 2012 was kinda shitty. The government once again proves that they are the most inept task force on the planet and we narrowly avoided going over the fiscal cliff…sorry 401K ;( As a nation with the tragic events of Sandyhook, we had to endure endless verbal beat downs on both sides about gun control. I was forced to watch the movie Elf 75 times over the Christmas Holiday, thanks to NBC. The Walking Dead pulled another mid-season finale bullshit stunt this year and half of the East Coast was destroyed. We were forced to listen to Gangnam Style 200 times last night and we lost the damn Twinkie.


2013 brings a clean slate and fresh start. In the spirit of optimism, it is time for my 2013 resolution list. If you have one, I would love to hear it. If you would like to steal one of mine, please feel free to help a brother out!

  1. Pay your spouse more compliments….ladies LOVE damn compliments so make an effort to really blow genuine sunshine up her ass in 2013.
  2. Be more confident…now more than ever you must be confident. The ladies love it, and it will only help your daily activities. If you want something, go out there and be confident. Don’t settle in 2013.
  3. Drink a Beer…if you’re the kind of stiff person who cannot relax, drink a beer or 2 a night. This does not make you an alcoholic, but it may prevent you from being a stressed out prick at work.
  4. Get Your Ass up 30 min Earlier….I have started this a few weeks back during the work week. You just tend to feel more in control of your day…give it a shot.
  5. Try new things…I don’t care if this means food, sex, clothes, music, movies or activities. Stop being so complacent and spice it up.
  6. Eat more vegetables…this one is mine( I am shooting for 3 a week;)
  7. Stop trying to keep up with everyone else….if your buddy just got a new 72 inch flat screen and an I -pad…if you can’t afford it, don’t try to keep up. Nothing wrong with going with out, see rule number 2.
  8. Support Local Business…just go get you some wings from Uptown Wings, instead of Hooters. Help keep our friends and family in jobs they care about. Corporate greed is everywhere, don’t be a sucker.
  9. Drink less Mountain Dew…once agin this one is mine. MD is like crack for Southern folk.
  10. Stop liking things, just cause everybody else does…If you think Chick Fil-A is just average because it’s a piece of chicken and pickles. Then stop waiting 30 minutes in the drive through for it! If you hate X-Factor…celebrate that shit. See rule number 2.
  11. Read a damn book…I know it’s a  novel idea but I think we should all try!
  12. Put the phone down..there is absolutely noting wrong with putting the phone down once and awhile.
  13. Be more sympathetic and polite…Tell the girl at Mc Donalds you appreciate her and try not to cuss out old senior drivers as much.

What about you guys? Any good resolutions to share? Leave a comment, be BOLD.


From → DR.Mike

  1. That’s a great list, Mike. Really.
    May I suggest Brussels Sprouts.

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