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Pimp My Ride

December 29, 2012


posDown South anytime you hit the road, you could possibly see some shit you have never seen before. Here recently I have seen a ton of cars that are sporting a tremendous amount of flare. Car flare is the shitty/cheap accessories that anyone can pick up the local Wal-Mart to spice up your ride. Maybe that 97 Geo Metro needs some sport pedals to give it that barely street legal look. Perhaps your 2002 Pontiac Sunfire requires racing stripes or chrome hub cap wheels…if that is the case just hit the local Auto Zone and you to can pimp your ride. You could always be a bad ass and put some after market racing lights on a 4 door Honda Civic. At the end of the day chances are you can sink hundreds of bucks into after market flare and your car will sadly still look like shit;( So stop wasting your money trying to make your car something it’s not.

The one particular piece of car flare that drives me nuts are the “car sport ovals”. These knock off magnets/decals are made with the intent to give your ride that “high-end” luxury look.  The problem is that these demon decals instantly make almost any car look like shit. Half the time these poor bastards, will lose the middle port and that my friends is that. Or they attempt to install the car port squares, while wasted on Old Milwaukee beers. The result is an apparent zig-zag pattern that only a blind man could love. Just about any 7 year-old can tell when something on a car just looks off. Next to a misplaced spoiler the car sport ovals are the greatest offense a person could employ. Look, not everyone can own an M-Series BMW, so just accept that shit! For Petes sake, please stop putting wheels on cars that are worth more than the car;)We can all do better in 2013.



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