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Roadhouse Life Lessons

December 26, 2012


So as 2012 comes to a close, you may find yourself in the middle of a life crisis. If you find yourself needing to re-center your life and priorities…the best place to start is the (1989) Modern Classic Roadhouse. In times of trouble you should always look to Dalton for life advice;) If it has bene a few years since you last watched Roadhouse, chances ae you may have forgotten the life lessons it has to offer. So take a minute to read the gospel according to the loveable characters of Roadhouse;)

RIP…Dalton/ Bodhi we still miss ya

Wade Garrett: This place has a sign hangin’ over the urinal that says, “Don’t eat the big white mint”.

Wade Garrett:That gal’s got entirely too many brains to have an ass like that.

Emmett:Calling me sir is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. It don’t belong.

Dalton:Pain don’t hurt.

Dalton:Nobody ever wins a fight.

Red Webster:Don’t ever marry an ugly woman, she’ll suck the life right out of ya.

Doc:Do you always carry your medical record around with you?

Saves time.

Dalton:My way… or the highway.

All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three, be nice.

Take the biggest guy in the world, shatter his knee and he’ll drop like a stone.

People who really want to have a good time won’t come to a slaughterhouse. And we’ve got entirely too many troublemakers here. Too many 40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry.

If somebody gets in your face and calls you a cocksucker, I want you to be nice. Ask him to walk. Be nice. If he won’t walk, walk him. But be nice. If you can’t walk him, one of the others will help you, and you’ll both be nice. I want you to remember that it’s a job. It’s nothing personal.

I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.

No. It’s two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response.

Your file says you’ve got a degree from NYU. What in?


Any particular discipline?

No. Not really. Man’s search for faith. That sort of shit.


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  1. I miss him! 😦

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