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Best/Worst Movies 2012

December 16, 2012

So I went and saw The Hobbit yesterday and it was pretty awesome as to be expected. I still have some movies on the old “Must See” list before the end of 2012 but I am going to go ahead and do my annual Best Movies Of The Year list;) When you live in a semi-small town like I do, sometimes the movies is all you got to do on the weekends! I also happen to love movies and tend to watch more than my share in any given year. Does that make me an expert? Hell Yes!

So to my tens of fans, I now present the The Word’s Best/Worst movies of 2012…fell free to leave a comment and we can chop it up;)

Best Movies Of 2012

  1. Argo…who could have predicated that, I have grown to expect good things from Ben Affleck
  2. The Raid Redemption…maybe the best pure action movie in the last 5 years
  3. The Dark Knight Rises…hard to beat the last one but this was a solid conclusion to the trilogy.
  4. Skyfall…a throw back bond movie that had the best villain of 2012
  5. Lincoln
  6. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey…lets all go to work tomorrow and work in the line “You shall not pass!”
  7. Looper….just watch it twice would ya?
  8. The Avengers…cannot believe it but this was good!
  9. The Grey…deep movie with quality performances all around
  10. Bernie…just watch it on Netflix
  11. The Master
  12. The Hunger Games


Worst Movies Of 2012

  1. Red Dawn…I have not see this and never will
  2. Battleship…what a shit bomb of a movie
  3. The Campaign…such a let down
  4. Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3d…this could have been promising, had it been a porno title;)
  5. Lockout…I had to Google the title, that’s how bad this one was
  6. Alex Cross…stick to your cross dressing turd buckets my friend;)
  7. Magic Mike…on its movie merits alone, be honest with yourself ladies, it had to suck
  8. The Dictator…this guy has fallen so far it’s unreal
  9. Savages
  10. Dred 2012
  11. John Carter
  12. Prometheus


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