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Top Christmas Movies All Time

December 5, 2012


So here at the Word, I do my Christmas movie lists a little different. Every channel on TV has these tired old Christmas stories we have all seen a thousand times over. I like to recognize the off the grid Christmas movies during the Holiday season. I tend to let the traditionalist maintain their claims that Miracle on 34th Street or The Christmas Story are the best. In my world, I like a little action during Christmas! So do yourself a favor and go off the grid this Christmas and visit/revisit these Holiday classics.

  1. Lethal Weapon
  2. Die Hard
  3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  4. Bad Santa
  5. Assault On Precinct 13
  6. Die Hard 2
  7. The Last Boy Scout
  8. Gremlins
  9. Home Alone
  10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  11. Batman Returns
  12. The Long Kiss Goodnight
  13. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  14. Your Pick?
  15. The Ref

So leave me a comment and let’s chop up the list or just let me know your favorite! Tens of my fans read this daily and we are in business of changing lives.



  1. Annonymous permalink

    Bad Santa is the best Christmas movie. I also rather enjoyed Elf.

  2. You have it all wrong. “Just Friends” is the best Christmas movie. Ryan Reynolds, Ana Faris, and that Chris “Dusty Dingleman” Klein.

  3. Glad to see Long Kiss Goodnight on your list. Thank you for including Home Alone, “you filthy animal.” I’m also always a sucker for Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places.

    • The crazy thing is so few people have seen The Long Kiss Goodnight. I also liked Just Friends with van Wilder. Thanks for your comment and I hope you are doing awesome!

  4. 3,4, and 13. The. Best. 🙂

  5. Great list! Just introduced my kids to #3 this past weekend! 🙂

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