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Alabama Song

November 17, 2012

One of the craziest things about living in Alabama is that, some really good music has come out of Alabama and people don’t always realize.  Recently Bama produced The Alabama Shakes, Jamey Johnson and the forgotten talent of Allison Moorer. Allison Moorer is country singer who chose the road of integrity over album sales many moons ago. Why she never made it in Nashville still baffles me. I first took notice way back in 97 when I was only 17 years old. All I needed to know was that she was a smoking hot red-head and she was born and raised in Alabama. Here are some other facts about Allison Moorer:

  • She is the younger sister of blues/country artist Shelby Lynne
  • Her mom was murdered by her dad before he turned the gun on himself
  • She has been nominated for an Academy Award
  • She was originally slated to be the co-singer of Kid Rock’s hit song “Picture” before the Sheryl Crow version was chosen at the last-minute by the record company.
  • She is married to Nashville rebel Steve Earle
  • She performed in 2009’s People Speak a documentary based on the iconic works of Dr. Howard Zinn
  • She has recorded 7 albums and never had a hit song:(

I am telling you this because sometimes you can’t appreciate what you don’t know. Most of the country music these days is so watered down with pop music, you can barely tell the difference anymore. I really cannot explain why Allison Moorer never saw any commercial success in her career. Her voice in my opinion is just as soulful as say Adele or Alicia Keys, just in a different way. So I just wanted to pass her along to anyone looking for a quality dose of stone cold talent on a Saturday afternoon;)

Talk about credability…listen to this song she wrote to her murdered mom, performed with her sister…unreal.



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