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Best Secret Agent Flick

November 14, 2012

So last week the new bad ass James Bond movie Skyfall was released. If you have not seen it, I would highly recommend you do so very soon. Skyfall manged to me contemporary and vintage all in the same flick, honoring Bond’s 50 year anniversary.  After the film I got to thinking, which is always a dangerous thing. I thought to myself, what is the best secret agent flick? Luckily for my tens of fans, I have seen a ton of movies! So me and my team (myself & Captain Morgan) decided that tonight would be a great night to create such a list! Please leave a comment and let me know what I may have missed;)

Best Secret Agent Film

  1. Bond – Goldfinger ( All time classic movie and iconic character that defined the role)
  2. Bourne Identity ( Quite simply a game changer in the industry)
  3. Bond – Casino Royal ( The baddest Bond ever emerged)
  4. Bourne Supremacy
  5. Mission Impossible
  6. Taken
  7. Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me (still funny all these years later)
  8. Bond – From Russia With Love
  9. Ronin (this one is under-rated and great)
  10. True Lies ( Ahnold at his cheesy best)
  11. The Rock (basically older James Bond trapped in Alcatraz)
  12. Bond- Skyfall
  13. Your Pick;)

Worst Secret Agent Film

  1. If Looks Could Kill ( Richard Grieco film)
  2. Johnny English (Mr. Bean)
  3. XXX with Ice Cube ( Coors Light man)
  4. The American (GC stinker)
  5. Hanna
  6. XXX with Vin Diesel
  7. Spy Game
  8. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  9. Your Pick;)
  10. Bond – License To Kill
  11. Bond – Tomorrow Never Dies

Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite!

  1. You know, I have never seen the movie all the way through but “Enemy of the State” with Gene Hackman and Will Smith seems to be a cheeseball of a film. I like good dialogue and it only takes one crappy line to turn me off to a movie. There was this one scene where it was an aerial shot of Hackman talking to I think Smith and it was definitely a satellite shot. The guy who was monitoring the camera says, “He hasn’t looked up. God he’s good!” I just kept thinking to myself, “If I were standing in the street with a friend, talking, there would be no damn reason why I would have to look straight up into the sky.”

    Because of that line, I nominate this movie for crap list.

    God, Richard Grieco…I have not heard that name in soooooo long! And I had a crush on him! Or was it his hair?

    And a good classic, semi-secret agent film is “Charade” with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Walter Matthau and James Coburn also appear and give brilliant performances. ANYONE who wants to watch a good thriller should watch “Charade”. I swear you won’t regret it.

    • My favorite/lamest part of Enemy of The STate was when, a warehouse explodes like a Sob and then mean Gene says something like” I had to blow the building because you made a phone call”. Richard Grieco did have pretty awesome hair back in the day, prob only bested by Pauly Shore or Billy Ray Cyrus;)

  2. Billy Ray? Good God, that’s quite a compliment! He’s got really big hair, that man.

    Yeah, I’ve never watched “Enemy of the State” all the way through and that last scene intrigued me (I only saw the end). That part when Smith confuses everything in the restaurant. That was pretty good.

    • There are still plenty of folks down South sporting the Billy Ray hair…mostly women and it’s scary down here

      • Wow…Mousse rakes are still in? Crazy….

        Hey, you living in Alabama and all, I just heard on a quiz show that there is this law in Alabama that if you have a mustache that intentionally looks funny and you turn up in a church to make people laugh, you can get punished. I’m not sure what the punishment was but apparently I think you can get a night in prison. Have you heard of this?

  3. Yeah, I saw the new James Bond flick. It was actually perfect, because I was so bored that I slept through about maybe the first hour, so I only had to sit through the rest of it. So it was really the perfect length for me! 😉

  4. Now I can’t believe someone like you actually exist here. I’ve been having a hard time chancing upon bloggers who share my taste in flicks. Really glad to have found you.
    I watched “Skyfall” a month ago. It was shown here a week in advance (I’ve no idea why. It sometimes happen with certain movies here. And we feel damn lucky. :-)) I love this most recent Bond film. Well-made and the cast, superb.
    I wonder what made you not fond of: Mr.& Mrs. Smith, Triple X with Vin Diesel, and License To Kill.
    Yeah, Smith story wasn’t swell, but I thought the Brangelina chemistry was explosive.

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