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The Creator

November 10, 2012

In our day-to-day lives we are blessed with these gifted people who just are more gifted than you and I…I call these people the creators. These “creators” are the supremely smart individuals who have the ability to create shit that is not even there.

For example the creators love to apply their talents to  parking lots all over the country. The creators have the ability to find parking spots that don’t even exist. While the rest of us drive around patiently looking for a place to park, the creator has the magical ability to create a parking spot for themselves. The creator will often park behind another parked car, blocking the lead car…DON’T fret the creator has ability to also see in to future. They can magically determine that you will not be ready to move your car until after they get done with their tasks Surely you will not want to leave the gas station before the creators are done buying their lotto tickets…they just know you have time to spare! The creators also have the belief they can change rules. Need a card to get in? Perhaps a reservation or the ability to substitute some chicken fingers for lobster tail…the creator has the belief they can change any rule. The creators also like to make up shit that does not even exist. The creators somehow have valid proof that President Obama will start a war with China or that the economy will collapse in two weeks. The creators  will have all the answers, like an all-powerful oracle sent here to guide the rest of us with everlasting wisdom.

Here’s the thing…

I fucking hate creators!

Stop thinking you are so gd cute and that actually are the exception to the rule. You people drive my ass absolutely bat-shit crazy.   Every time I see a non handicapped person parking in a handicapped spot, I just want to beat you with pool stick. To the people who insist that they have all the answers to this countries problems, do me favor a just let that shit go. To all the creators who think they can just make up their own speed limits when traveling through residential neigbhoods…please kiss my hairy ass:0 To all the bastards that attempt to bring 75 items into the express check out lane…we are tired of your shit! Why don’t you creators do something useful, like stick your penis in a light socket that way you cannot pollute the rest of the Earth with your demon seed…That is The Word!



From → DR.Mike

One Comment
  1. This is hysterical! I hate when people do this. I’ve even seen people try to make the parking lot longer by parking on the side of the last spot in the aisle, which basically means their car is just out in the middle of the parking lot making it harder to drive.

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