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Thursday Night Drama

November 8, 2012

Hey Man! Put The Gun Down!

As I am flipping around cable this evening I see two programs on TV. These two programs beg the question who is watching this shit? One is hunting shows and the other is Texas Poker shows.

These hunter dudes prance around in a full camo suit, with what seems to be a 50 caliber rifle shooting goats…I shit you not. A goat, I mean people really hunt goats? The gd goat was eating grass and walking about 2 1/2 mile an hour, and they shot the shit out of him. The hunters then skip down the hill and degrade the poor dead goat. ” Great kill Bob he is a beauty”, really he looks like a gd billy-goat to me. The whole hunting TV genre, baffles me. The hunters whisper in an almost sexual tone to their buddies, while they gawk at the figure of the animal, they are about to kill. I say we even the odds, lets give the goat sword horns and razor spurs. Then we stick him in a “Death Pit” with the hunter, armed with a drift-wood stick and nun chucks. I would watch that show, and so would you!

Texas Poker, this is the most boring shit on TV I am sorry. Who wants to watch their Grandpa battle a 20-year-old jackass, with sunglasses and an eye-patch in a card game? Texas Poker is fun to PLAY not watch. I equate watching Texas hold-em poker to fat people having sex. It feels good for the participants, but I sure as shit do not want to watch…that is The Word padre!


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  1. Hunting shows? For real? American tv has just steadily progressed every which way.

    I was in the gym when I read about the goat getting lead-loaded and moving 2.5 mph. I nearly fell over (probably over one of those bastard texters sitting on the bench press) and snorted my Powerade through my nose.

    That seriously made my day.

    • Thanks for the comment as always and I had to roast a few people in yesterdays I think you and I are the only 2 bloggers brave enough to shake up the establishment. Have an awesome day amiga!

      • I think we need to start a political party…something like “Underpanters United” or something of the sort.


  2. Hunting goats?! That’s awful! Who would want to watch that anyone? I’ve never understood the draw of televised poker tournaments either. Shit is so boring to watch. Poker is only interesting if you’re playing it, other than that, it’s really not a spectator sport.

    • The thing about watching Poker on TV is the characters…lol. I guess when you become a shark/whale at the tables, you can then wear a Super Man costume with a fake parrot on your shoulder. Maybe I missed my calling!

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