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Ms. Hand Lube;)

November 4, 2012

I am really not against hand sanitizer in any way . I know that everyone has a right to feel clean. The one thing I am against is the individuals who use hand sanitizer like crack addicts. You have seen these people? Hell, you may even be one of these people. They are the people who walk around with hand sanitizer on a key chain, or they have like a Purell necklace. They look like a pissed off high school gym coach with their Purell whistles around their neck. Gimme a break! What are you doing that your hands stay that dirty?  If “these people” ever offer you a skeet of hand cleaner and you refuse…the moment is awkward as hell. America is addicted to this stuff. People freely pass this stuff around like it is lube on a porn set. Let me ask you, if I stick my finger up my nose, then go take a shit, and then I come in the room and do a hit of  “Hand Wash”…we good for me to cook dinner?  When did  using a shot of hand lube replace actually washing your hands? All I am saying is control yourself and your hand lube addiction. If you have the huge Crown Royal size of hand lube, you may have problems. Moderation is the key in life. If I walk around town with rubber gloves and a HAZMAT helmet on, then I am the freak…think about it. That is The Word.

Hey man let me hit that shit one time!


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  1. My mom wore a bottle clipped to her purse when she was on chemo. People on chemo, antivirals or immuno-suppressive therapies are told to use it frequently. I agree that in healthy people it seems like a pretty weird habit. I keep some in the truck to “clean” my hands after spending an hour at the dog park but that is the only time I use it, I prefer soap and water.

    • You have to keep your hands clean and your mom deff gets more than a pass;) In the mens bathroom at work, men frequently bypass the sink and go straight for the Purell Pump…lol. Call me old fashioned I guess;) Thanks for the comment and stoping by!!

  2. We stopped using it unless we need to “wash” our hands after shoveling fast food into our faces as we travel down the highway. That stuff kills the good bacteria on your hands, and if you use it long enough, you hands will start to ache because it’s poison. I don’t really know if it’s poison, but to me it is. Nasty stuff. Listen to Mike, everyone, and just go wash your hands with some good old fashioned soap!

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