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A Distrubing Trend at Fast Food Places

November 4, 2012

I am here today to tell you about the disturbing trend that is taking place at the majority of fast food chains around America. The trend I speak of is the shrinking hole that has all but replaced the All-American traditional trash can. No longer do we have the full swinging door trash cans…now we have football sized “trash holes” of which to dispose of our trash. I recently visited the local Zaxbys to enjoy a heart healthy meal:) After eating my Zibblers meal, it was time to head for the trash. I was appalled that the plate provided was actually larger than the “trash hole” allotted. For the record it’s kinda weird that a grown man can ask a tween girl for a Nibbler combo…just saying it sounds kinda sexual. Maybe Zaxbys will develop the “pecker sampler” for the ladies in the future to kinda even things out;)

When did it become the trend that to dispose of my trash, I need the sensation of child birth…lol. Today you nearly have to go “elbows deep” just to actually pack the trash in the can. The only logical explanation is that the restaurants actually hate you. These fast food chains make the “trash hole” smaller so you the customer will get shit all over you. Keep in mind most fast food places still issue the 1950’s cafeteria style lunch tray to its customers. The customer must then perform an ever evolving dance with disaster…you are forced to move the pile of trash from the 2 yard long tray to the tiny “trash hole”.

I know this is not the hardest thing in the world to do but don’t be selfish think of other people. If I struggle at times to load the trash in th can, what about the Seniors? Let’s not forget about some of the brave special needs employees who work their asses off to keep the dining area clean. Little kids most likely inadvertently spill shit all the time just because the “trash holes” are smaller. Get your shit together fast food America! last time I checked the combos are getting larger and the holes are getting smaller. Any thoughts?



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One Comment
  1. Hahahahaha–so true! I’m not sure what’s worse, the tiny hole or having the push garbage can.

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