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Action Movie of The Year 2012

October 30, 2012

I cannot take credit for finding the movie The Raid: Redemption but I can honestly say this is one of the more bad ass movies of 2012. The Raid is a top-notch action movie. The Raid has guns, kung fu, non-stop action, drug-lords, cops, and graphic kill scenes. If The Raid had some topless Asian women dancing to ACDC…it may just be perfect!

The plot is straightforward as hell. 20 elite cops storm an ominous looking building inhabited by a “Sosa” worthy drug kingpin. The cops have one objective…take the building. As with most action movies, once the spotter sees the heat around the corner, all bets are off. I really liked this movie and it is WAY to good, not to pass along. Watch it now before Hollywood grabs it and shits all over it with Taylor Lautner as the main star;) There are no CGI fighting robots or time travel bullshit, it’s just badass gun fights and hand to hand combat. WARNING this movie is subtitled, so you will to read a tad bit but it’s worth it. So guys  and ladies don’t miss out on this one!

After you see it leave me a comment and let me know what you think;)

Just a taste!





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  1. I love action so I’ll have to check this out! Did you see the movie end of watch with Jake gylennhal? So good!

    Danasia Fantastic

    • I have not yet but it’s on the list for sure;) Deff check out The Raid, once you see it, you will want to share the love it’s that good. Thanks for stopping by and I have been reding your stuff…good as always!

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