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Obie The Dog

October 28, 2012

This is Obie the 77 pound dachshund that has been seen all over the TV the last few days. Sadly, Obie is the Momma June of dachshunds these days. I am not going to go into the whole back story of this dog, or how the dog has been exploited as a circus freak all in the name of the dollar. As a dog/mutt owner myself, I feel that I should comment on what I see here.

In my opinion this is the definition of animal cruelty. I personally can see no difference between starving a dog to near death or feeding the SOB till he is about to internally explode. Lets try to employ some perspective to the situation, shall we? This is a dog. A dog is not ultimately capable of making conscious health decisions, that’s what responsible owners are for. Obie cannot sprinkle Sensa of his GD Kibbles, someone did this shit to the dog. Obie does not have the cognitive ability to get a job or build a tree house for abused children. What Obie can do is eat his ass off, shit on the floor and be a lifelong companion! Like most dogs, Obie will just eat as many Dingo bones as you shovel his way. In case some non dog owners don’t know, a dog will eat or drink just about anything you put in front of it. This poor dog has been literally punished with food his entire life. Obie can barely walk these days and he needs a custom dog flack jacket to prevent massive skin sores on the dog.

I find myself torn on this issue, should Obie just be put down as a sort of mercy killing? Will Obie even be able to recover and get down to a manageable weight? I can’t really answer those questions but I do feel that the people responsible for doing this to Obie should be brought up on charges. In life we all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are in our control. Obie cannot change his own fate at this point. What can be done at this point, would be to send a clear warning to all animal owners.  If you make the choice to own any kind of animal, and if that animal is abused by you…you will pay. This is America and last time I checked we hold people accountable for damn near everything. Obie deserved better;)



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One Comment
  1. I totally agree with you! Starving AND over-feeding your pet should both constitute animal cruelty. That picture breaks my part. The poor thing even looks miserable.

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