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Nike – Livestrong

October 17, 2012

So Nike has decided, that after ten long years, it was finally time to part ways with Lance Armstrong amid recent doping allegations. I guess Nike just heard about the doping scandal, even thought it has been in headlines for years. Nike claims it’s dropping the popular Livestrong line of apparel, because it does not want to be associated with doping or steroid allegations. Look, I like and buy Nike products regularly…but I am no fool.

Nike may not support particular dopers, but they do support low wages and unfair business practices that would be considered criminal in this country. Nike is not some idealistic company with this strong moral covenant…they are a business. A highly profitable business that must protect their brand. Nike can denounce Armstrong for doping suspicions, but they still continue to support entire sports that have long proven histories of doping abuse. Nike is by no means a victim in this situation and neither is Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong has done a lot of good things with his life, and I genuinely believe he is a good-hearted soul.

Do I think he cheated? Hell Yes!!

Will Lance Armstrong ever admit to doping? Hell No!!

I really don’t have a problem with Nike dropping Lance from the payroll. My problem lies in the bullshit excuse. I am quite sure it has been a lucrative run for Armstrong and Nike over the years, both parties made millions. Nike should just be honest, Lance maybe a cheater, but you guys are liars. At the end of the day you are the same damn thing in my book…That is The Word!

Any thoughts on Lance?


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  1. Mike: you know if it’s about Lance, I am leaving a eff-in’ comment!

    I feel that it is a very sad day in cycling as well as in organized sports when you have a man who has such an incredible come-back story win an event like the Tour de France and fall so low. You so don’t want to believe your hero was a dick. That said, I think Nike is the bigger dick. Here is a company that for years have been selling this shoe that has to be more cushioned to “protect” the foot when what it really was doing was deforming your foot mechanics and causing a barrage of foot ailments that only came about because we started wearing these shoes (plantar fasciitis anyone?)! Quite a contradiction now that they are selling a “barefoot” line, the excuse being that it is a return to natural running when really it’s because they realize that maybe inflated shoes that are cushioned aren’t necessarily the best for an athlete. There is not one shoe company that can say, with evidence in hand, that their shoes do not cause damage to the articulations, feet or legs and that their product PREVENTS said ailments.

    Nike is pulling out because they know a sinking ship when they see one.

  2. Nike is ridiculous. If their real concern was for being associated with Armstrong allegedly doping or taking steroids, they would have done this the second the news broke about 10 years ago.

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