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The Debates 2012 – Or The “Bitch Off”

October 11, 2012

So tonight is the Vice Presidential Debates…lol. The Word is not a blog that comments on political views. I am not about trying to push my own agenda on someone nice enough to take the time to read my blog:) You decide what you believe and who you will vote for, it’s not my place to chime in.


I can chime in on all the funny shit you can witness while watching any debate. These tactics are played on both sides and they drive me nuts…here’s what to look for!

  • While one man talks, the other man laughs uncontrollably as if he is replaying every episode of Seinfeld in his head.
  • They always act like they are writing important shit on paper while the other guy talks…I betcha they are drawing pictures of boobies!
  • They throw out countless crazy numbers and calculations. Did you know average American person has a 4.3 friends on Welfare? How in sam hell can you have a .3 friend?
  • Candidates always tell stories in an attempt to make them seem like “normal” people. These stories are usually incoherent ramblings that have shit to do with anything.”I once bought a value meal!..and I am telling ya people are struggling”
  • Every debate is a capsule for time travel…let’s all take a trip back ;(
  • The debate questions are never colorful…maybe ask the candidates if a special needs kid is kicking your chair during Frankenweenie, can you then call him out? Lets see some true colors.
  • They love to slow sip water as if it’s a finely aged whiskey.
  • Candidates refer to other high-ranking officials as if the American people have any GD clue as to who they are. “You know Bobby Whitfield said the troops are tired of doing push-up”?
  • Can they ever take a poop break? Just saying, that would be funny!
  • Can candidates have intro music like WWE wrestlers?
  • The candidates are definitely doing their best to gain popularity points with the American public. These guys are right up there with Mariah and Nicki…I say we text in like American Idol voting during the debate and have Seacreast 2.o give us the results.
  • I think they just make up names for foreign political figures as they speak. Remember Mr.Fukmeindabutt actually agreed to the foreign policy agreement to save the white bat for the Wachootoo Tribe… or did he?

Enjoy the show…That is the Word…Seacreast out!


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  1. I think it SHOULD have been whiskey they were sipping! Or the viewers????

  2. Ha! Love what you said about the slow sip of water and the faux serious writing–so true! I especially love to see the opposing candidate mask their contempt with a crooked grin that doesn’t fool anyone when the other person is speaking.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Last nights debate I felt was a train wreck on both sides. I was concerned that Bidden,s false teeth were about to fall out. PR reminded me on an insurance salesman:)

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