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KFC – Where Are The Breasts?

October 11, 2012

I got a problem with KFC chicken and I need an answer, why the hell they always out of chicken? Maybe this just happens to me, but every time I go to KFC they are out of something. I ask for a 3 piece with a breast and a thigh…and they are out of breasts. How the hell is that possible? Then they attempt to swap a breast for a leg or a thigh. In what universe does a breast equal a thigh? I always happen to get there during the “chicken shift change” apparently. I ask for Cripsy all they have is Original recipe or vice versa. The sides are never even warm and usually taste like some week old damn baked beans. KFC thinks their chicken is like the damn Cadillac of chicken places apparently, it’s like 20 bucks for 12 pieces. The employees are usually pissed you are even buying the chicken. Like all the KFC chicken is theirs and you are running in on their woman or something…just gimme the damn bird lady. I am on a KFC strike for at least a week…lol. That’s right Colonel Sanders, Krystals is coming for your ass.


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