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New Music Monday

October 8, 2012

So ole Christopher Columbus, “the discoverer” is honored today on this 8th day of October. I don’t consider myself a discoverer by any means but I do think I am a bit of seeker. I am always looking for new music, movies, views, and inspiration and I would encourage all of you to do the same. This will be my first post of the day, as I am making this one short and sweet!

I am a long time fan of the hit TV show Sons Of Anarchy. The show is great and the music that Kurt Sutter and team choose each week is awesome. I highly recommend that you check out their website and feel free to go hunting, for some new tunes. I heard this young guy on the show the other day, named Greg Holden.  He is a super talented singer song writer and  I think this guy shows a ton of promise. The song is “Lost Boy” and it’s a really good tune.  He really reminds me of another artist named Joshua James that I have been a big fan of for quite a long time…check him out too, if you like this one!

So if you need a little inspiration and want to discover a good new artist play the damn vidoes! Who knows maybe October 9th maybe be Mike Ballenger day…lol

Here’s a little more upbeat one;)

As Promised


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