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What’s That Smell?

September 30, 2012

You ever come across anyone in your daily life that wears an extreme amount of cologne or perfume? I ran into a lady at work today, and man she was strong as hell. I about had to take a knee, it was that strong. The people who usually wear too much perfume/cologne, commonly catch you off guard.  You will be walking around and it’s like BOOM!

There is nothing wrong with smelling good and clean, I am all for it. I do have a problem though if it smells like you took a bath in spray-funk. I notice old ladies and young guys tend to be the worst offenders. The whole Axe Body spray thing, has only made the situation worse in my opinion. If you’re at your local gym, go to the mens locker room. Once you get there you will be gang-raped by smells of  mountain rain and evergreen forest. If you even think you have a stink cloud following you…go easy on the spray. I also believe that  quality perfumes and colognes are like quality alcohol…you have to pay more for the good shit. Have you ever noticed the bottles most companies have started using for perfumes? They look like bad sex toys from Lady GaGa’s personal stash. Who wants their cologne out of a ridged misshapen penis looking bottle? Something else that is funny is all the jack-ass celebrities that have a smell. I think I will smell like Jay-Z today, I am gonna land all kinds of ladies. Maybe I will put on a splash of McGraw  and head down to my local redneck dive, and find me lady friend. I am sure it goes both ways for men and women, if you smell too strong it’s a turnoff. Be smart…not smelly, that’s the word!


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  1. Call me crazy, but I used to love the smell of the locker room. Sweat, socks, soap … it was the right smell after playing hard on the racquetball court for a couple of hours. Granted, the men’s locker room was worse than the ladies, but I worked there and had to clean both. Are you telling me that’s gone?!!

  2. I have a really strong sense of smell and on the bus, I always happen to sit near those older ladies whose olfactory nerves have all but burnt out, leaving them with the anxiety of not smelling their dime store perfume on them. So, they leave their houses smelling something like a French whorehouse and walk among us in this cloud of cheap sweetness that has me retching.

    Yeah, I look at the display of Justin Bieber, Brittany and JLo perfumes and think, “does that really appeal to me?”

    Nope. Not in the least.

    But I do have to say, moderation goes a long way. There are certain smells that if I smell it on a man, it will make me turn and give him a second look. Classic head-to-toe-to-ass scan.

    You know the drill. Hee.

  3. I almost stopped going to church until after the hugging part! lol. I am old enough, thank you very much, I don’t need to go around smelling like a Church Lady! I think that it is just rude but you are right. Young guys or old ladies are the worst!
    And I hate when they spray on a ton before they hit the gym. One time I had to move after my machine hit 4 miles because some woman that smelled like the drugstore perfume tester counter had climbed on the machine next to me!!!! Can’t believe more peeps are’nti jumping on your band wagon! This one is right on!!!! Great post!

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