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I Aint The Same

September 29, 2012


Being from Alabama, you don’t get a lot of chances to brag a lot. Sure we win the NCAA Championships every other year and we make a mean low country boil;) Sure we lead the world in obesity and consumption of trucker Nascar hats! Some people ask, “Do you guys ever produce any good bands?” I can tell you of one for sure and it’s the Alabama Shakes. Imagine if Madea was thirty years younger and could sing like Aretha Franklin, and she prefered the company of bearded Southern gents…that’s the Alabama Shakes!! I told my tens of fans about these cats months ago, well that investment has paid dividends! So once again in case you missed out here is their new video for the song “I aint the same”….check it out!

I would like to be your musical life coach! I have saved tens of people from a lifetime of Nickelback and Justin Beaver and I can help you. Check out my music blog, it just maybe the key to your musical salvation;)


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  1. There is a lot of Nickelback hate out there, isn’t there? I have ONE of their songs on my mp3 player – Far Away. It sounds fantastic cranked up loud when we are out on the motorcycle. There’s a kettle drum in there (I think that’s what it is) that I like. But you don’t have to save me from Justin. Alabama Shakes – very nice!

  2. Yeah Nickelback is pretty easy to bash;) They are kinda the whipping boys of RnR.

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